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Sponsored post: Geo Grang Grang & Geo World from Lenscircle.com

Hello again!

Few days ago I received a package from the awesome people at lenscircle.com , containing a couple of pairs of new Geo lenses for me to try and share my experience with you!

I first got contacted by Lenscircle around two of weeks ago, and they informed me that the package was shipped on 1st. of May. On 10th the package was already delivered to my mail box. I was pleasantly suprised how fast the shipment was, I was told it would take 10-14 business days and I wasn't even expecting the shipment quite yet.

The package contained two pairs of lenses packaged nicely in two cute and soft pouches and lens cases. For new lens users there's also a small set of instructions on how to open the bottles to how to use the lenses.

The first pair I chose for this review was Geo Grang Grang Serie lenses in Brown. You can shop for them here.

The desing seemed nice and natural, suitable for everyday use. Also they are available for a wide range of different prescriptions which is a huge plus!

Comparison with my natural eye color. As you can see, the natural color is cover up pretty nicely and the result is still quite natural. 

I really like these lenses a lot! I've always been really into brown lenses, and these go really well with lighter make-up looks too. They are also pretty comfortable for one year lenses, even though I usually enjoy wearing all one year lenses when they have been used in a little so that the lens gets a little thinner. Geo lenses have usually been one of the easiest to brands wear for long periods of time straight out of the box, and these ones did not dissappoint in that matter.

The diameter is 14.8mm so they're pretty big, but they never made my eyes look unnatural at all. They're almost the same diameter as the Geo Cafe Series I used to wear a lot, which I remember looking much more obvious. These make your eyes look bigger, but aren't too much in your face about it. No wonder these have been really popular ones lately!

The second pair I chose to try out was Geo World Serie 3-tone lens in Purple. You can find them here.

I really like the pinkish tone of purple here. These are also available in wide range of prescriptions and are also one year lenses.

Close-up comparison. 

I was bit dissappointed to notice that the pink hue isn't very present when I actually wear these. I'm pretty sure it's because of how blue and green my natural eye color is, I've seen this kind of thing happen with most pinkish or light purple lenses. Even though the color is quite not what I had in mind, it's quite pretty anyway. In my opinion these ones tire my eyes a bit more than the Grang Grangs, but not by much. The color makes these look bit more unnatural and I feel like these require a heavier make-up look to look their best.

These ones are little smaller in diameter, just 14.2mm but still make your eyes look very bright and big. 

I have nothing but good things to say about the whole process of working with lenscircle.com. The communication was great, shipping was faster than I ever expected and the website offers a huge selection of beautiful lenses. I can wholeheartedly recommend checking them out to everyone who is interested in circle lenses! You can find all of their available lenses from https://www.lenscircle.com/

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