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Sponsored post: Derma Roller System

Hi guys, and happy early summer! It has been pretty toasty here in Finland the last couple of days.I was running some errands and got a slight tan already, which is really bizarre for Finnish June. Usually it's just rainy and windy and you can't even see the sun until June.

Today, I have the joy introducing you to a product that I've been interested for a while but never got around to really buy one. So one day I was contacted by the Derma Roller System If I was interested in trying their product and I was happy to oblige.

About a week later I picked all this stuff from the post office. I was only expecting the roller, but I was suprised!

The package I received had the 1.0 mm roller.

As you can see, the the micro needles are really tiny. This is the second smallest needle size, 0.5 mm being the smallest and the biggest being 2.5 mm. If you are interested in the roller but don't need the other products, it's currently on sale for on 49.95 USD down from 99.95 here. 

To pick the right needle size for you, review this table from their site.

 I picked 1.0mm because mainly of the anti-aging properties, kind of a big pores I have and  acne scars I have as a relic from the horrible acne I had on my teenage years. Funnily enough, my skin has done a full 180 and become really dry after I turned 20 and now I use products for dry skin and anti-aging (which every woman should consider after turning 20 to prevent wrinkles).

The roller works by poking tiny holes, microchannels on to your skin, making it absorb more nutrients from your skin care products. It also promotes production of collagen , which is the main structural protein in your skin and helps to renew your skin. Find out more about how the roller works here.

The package I received was 

Derma Roller System® with Anti-Aging Serum (For Face). It's currently on sale for 79.95 USD down from 159.90, so in case you are interested you can buy it here.


It contains DermaC+ serum that contains vitamin C that promotes collagen and elastin production. I've used this a lot even when I'm not using the roller, because it is really nice and light, absorbs quickly and doesn't make your face sticky.

You also get one of these sheet masks. It felt bit large for my face, but I 've never found a mask that actually sits perfectly on my face without me having to keep correcting it every once and a while. It contains nutrients and collagen to help renew your skin.

So how are these products supposed to be used?

First things first, clean your face really really well. You are poking tiny holes in your face after all! Instructions said to use soap, but my face can't really handle soap so I used Garnier cleansing milk and Clinique clarifying lotion. You should also disinfect the roller with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. I used peroxide since I happened to have it lying around.

The roller is really easy to use and sat on my hand just right. The size is just right for face, but for body I would like a little larger area where the microneedles are.

Pick the areas you want to treat and roll four times horizontally, four times vertically, four times diagonally to the right and four times to left. Be gentle and don't press too hard. If you press too hard, it sort of "sticks" to your skin. It doesn't hurt at all even if it does but you sort of need to tug it off. Then move on to the next area. Here's a clip to demonstrate. Where you can see me press too hard at one point like I just warned you not. Hahah. (I just realized I've never shown my face completely without make up in a video before, so I'm bit nervous )

After finishing my face, I applied the facial mask and started working on my body (needles of 1.0 mm and up can also be used to treat the body). I used it on my decoltee and areas that have had a lot of sun damage in the past. Be sure to take a shower before treating your body!

After taking off the mask I applied the serum to all of the treated parts. I noticed that the redness this process causes depends lot on the part of your body your treating. See the chest area that got very red;

And compare it to the face that barely got red at all;

This was taken right after I had used the roller on my face.

If you are going to use the roller in the morning, use a good sun screen. I used this in the evening knowing I wouldn't leave the house again. Also, needles from 1.0mm up shouldn't be used more than around once a month since your skin needs time to heal. See the time you should wait from this table from derma roller systems site.

So what are my thoughts? I can't say much about the long term effects since if I really wanted to see those, I would have to work on this post for a reeeally long time. Nevertheless, my skin has felt really youthful and not dull at all after the first treatment. I can also already see my acne scars fading. I've also used the serum as my everyday skin care routine since I got it and my skin is really glowing. I know I'm going keep using this product once a month since I really like it. I was actually really afraid of using it since I didn't believe it wouldn't hurt, but you actually only feel a slight pressure.  Also, the shipping was super fast and the service is just superb.

So, if you got interested, head over to their web shop at 
All of their products with the roller are currently on huge sale, so definately check them out!

tiistai 14. toukokuuta 2019

Sponsored post: Geo Grang Grang & Geo World from

Hello again!

Few days ago I received a package from the awesome people at , containing a couple of pairs of new Geo lenses for me to try and share my experience with you!

I first got contacted by Lenscircle around two of weeks ago, and they informed me that the package was shipped on 1st. of May. On 10th the package was already delivered to my mail box. I was pleasantly suprised how fast the shipment was, I was told it would take 10-14 business days and I wasn't even expecting the shipment quite yet.

The package contained two pairs of lenses packaged nicely in two cute and soft pouches and lens cases. For new lens users there's also a small set of instructions on how to open the bottles to how to use the lenses.

The first pair I chose for this review was Geo Grang Grang Serie lenses in Brown. You can shop for them here.

The desing seemed nice and natural, suitable for everyday use. Also they are available for a wide range of different prescriptions which is a huge plus!

Comparison with my natural eye color. As you can see, the natural color is cover up pretty nicely and the result is still quite natural. 

I really like these lenses a lot! I've always been really into brown lenses, and these go really well with lighter make-up looks too. They are also pretty comfortable for one year lenses, even though I usually enjoy wearing all one year lenses when they have been used in a little so that the lens gets a little thinner. Geo lenses have usually been one of the easiest to brands wear for long periods of time straight out of the box, and these ones did not dissappoint in that matter.

The diameter is 14.8mm so they're pretty big, but they never made my eyes look unnatural at all. They're almost the same diameter as the Geo Cafe Series I used to wear a lot, which I remember looking much more obvious. These make your eyes look bigger, but aren't too much in your face about it. No wonder these have been really popular ones lately!

The second pair I chose to try out was Geo World Serie 3-tone lens in Purple. You can find them here.

I really like the pinkish tone of purple here. These are also available in wide range of prescriptions and are also one year lenses.

Close-up comparison. 

I was bit dissappointed to notice that the pink hue isn't very present when I actually wear these. I'm pretty sure it's because of how blue and green my natural eye color is, I've seen this kind of thing happen with most pinkish or light purple lenses. Even though the color is quite not what I had in mind, it's quite pretty anyway. In my opinion these ones tire my eyes a bit more than the Grang Grangs, but not by much. The color makes these look bit more unnatural and I feel like these require a heavier make-up look to look their best.

These ones are little smaller in diameter, just 14.2mm but still make your eyes look very bright and big. 

I have nothing but good things to say about the whole process of working with The communication was great, shipping was faster than I ever expected and the website offers a huge selection of beautiful lenses. I can wholeheartedly recommend checking them out to everyone who is interested in circle lenses! You can find all of their available lenses from

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Where have I been all this time?

Hello to everyone who have stuck with me through my long hiatus.

The reason for this long absence is simple; blogging felt like a chore to me. I didn't feel good about it and I felt like my life evolved too much around this blog. Getting away from the vortex of ''what kind of blog post I could make from this thing that should just be a fun part of my life'' made me feel free for the first time in a long time. Now I feel like I could start fresh with a different mindset. I will only write a post when I feel like it is fun and won't worry about posting every week or so.

So, what have I been doing all this time?

I got into university. Now I'm graduating as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and I started my Master's degree in Life Science Informatics. I might be starting a second blog for all the science stuff. I will link it here in case someone's interested if I get around to actually doing it.

I've been doing some travelling with my fiancee.

I got glasses.

My style has evolved a lot from the days I used to blog a lot. I used to take gyaru very seriously and it was bad for me to be honest. I'm planning on writing a longiah post about how gyaru lifestyle can be a bit damaging mentally. Now I don't follow any spesific style and I'm happier. I still like aspects of the style though and occasionally like use them in my looks. 

As I continue blogging, I will post about things I like; fashion, hair and make-up will still be a major themes but I will probably post about other things I care about. Maybe games, food, electronics? Who knows, we'll have to see where this goes. I won't stress about it too much anymore. I will post about things that make me happy.