tiistai 26. marraskuuta 2013

Sponsored post; Geo Eyescream Vanilla Brown

Geocolouredlenses.com gave me a chance to try out new line of Geos lenses, the Eyescream series! 
The model I picked to review was Vanilla Brown

I picked these because they seemed nice & natural, the kind of lenses you can use everyday. These ones fit that need perfectly!

These lenses are available in three different colours and all of them can be ordered with or without prescription. 

Lenses come with instructions and a basic case for them. The customer service at Geocolouredlenses.com has always been great. All my questions were answered quickly and I got the lenses in about a week. 

Here you can see how natural they look! The design is very subtle and the coverage is great, there isn't much enlargement effect though. The diameter is only 14.5mm so these are not for those who seek super big doll eyes 

I also wanted to try making a video review, which turned out to be much harder than it seems. I guess I'm not suited to be vlogger. Oh well, I tried. Probably will not try again. Who knows.

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