keskiviikko 6. marraskuuta 2013

Pink hair don't care

DIY ''10 years younger'' - get pink hair.
I got asked if I've already turned 15 when I went to the library. That's like -5 years off my actual age. Not even kidding here. 

This is the result of '' Oh god I'm turning 20 already, my youth is gone and only grave awaits me''- panicking. It took me 5 bleaches to get rid of black highlights. Never will I ever dye my hair black I swear. The dye I used was Fudge paintbox in pink moon, with fuckloads of conditioner because a) the actual like is more like ''hoochie pink'' and I want ''cupcakes and unicorns-pink'' b) I'm cheap and Fudge hair dye is super pricey. I think the proportions I used was 1/ 8 parts dye and rest conditioner. 

Oh and this time I'm having microloop ring extensions. After years of detachable extensions like flip-in's and clip-on's, It's so weird to actually wake up with the hair still in your head. But so far I really like! I'll be doing another post about these when I've had these on for while and can tell my full opinion.


25 kommenttia:

  1. Ihana tukka! <3 Ja mitä sulla on huulissa, sekin näyttää ihanalta? :)

    1. Kiitos! Siinä on miksailtuna limecrimen Coquettea ja vaaleanlilaa irtoluomiväriä : D Kuivattaa sikana joten ei sovi ihan kunnon arkikäyttöön, mutta toimii esim kuvia varten.


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