tiistai 26. marraskuuta 2013

Sponsored post; Geo Eyescream Vanilla Brown

Geocolouredlenses.com gave me a chance to try out new line of Geos lenses, the Eyescream series! 
The model I picked to review was Vanilla Brown

I picked these because they seemed nice & natural, the kind of lenses you can use everyday. These ones fit that need perfectly!

These lenses are available in three different colours and all of them can be ordered with or without prescription. 

Lenses come with instructions and a basic case for them. The customer service at Geocolouredlenses.com has always been great. All my questions were answered quickly and I got the lenses in about a week. 

Here you can see how natural they look! The design is very subtle and the coverage is great, there isn't much enlargement effect though. The diameter is only 14.5mm so these are not for those who seek super big doll eyes 

I also wanted to try making a video review, which turned out to be much harder than it seems. I guess I'm not suited to be vlogger. Oh well, I tried. Probably will not try again. Who knows.

USE THE CODE ''CHOOSESUGAR10'' TO GET 10% off your purchase from www.Geocolouredlenses.com

keskiviikko 6. marraskuuta 2013

Pink hair don't care

DIY ''10 years younger'' - get pink hair.
I got asked if I've already turned 15 when I went to the library. That's like -5 years off my actual age. Not even kidding here. 

This is the result of '' Oh god I'm turning 20 already, my youth is gone and only grave awaits me''- panicking. It took me 5 bleaches to get rid of black highlights. Never will I ever dye my hair black I swear. The dye I used was Fudge paintbox in pink moon, with fuckloads of conditioner because a) the actual like is more like ''hoochie pink'' and I want ''cupcakes and unicorns-pink'' b) I'm cheap and Fudge hair dye is super pricey. I think the proportions I used was 1/ 8 parts dye and rest conditioner. 

Oh and this time I'm having microloop ring extensions. After years of detachable extensions like flip-in's and clip-on's, It's so weird to actually wake up with the hair still in your head. But so far I really like! I'll be doing another post about these when I've had these on for while and can tell my full opinion.


maanantai 4. marraskuuta 2013


...the blog silence I mean.

It's been a month.

That's quite a long time.

I do have an explanation! My hard drive got fried and I had to get replaced. It cost me shit fuckloads of  €€€ and most of my files (I managed to save some photos tho, but everything else BOOM GONE), so even though Mcare fixed it relatively fast, it has taken some time get all my programs back into action. Computers are pain in the butt!

I wondered for quite a long time how I'll start blogging again. With a regular post like nothing happened or with an apologetic ''what happened during these weeks''- kinda post. I decided on the latter one.

Only downside is, that even though many weeks have passed, nothing mention worthy has happened. My life evolves around circle of work-school-sleep-work-work-work-school-sleep. Above you can see the first book bind by me, yay. Super exciting life I have!

I've been a mad chemist and used myself as guinea pig in my experiment of how much can one abuse ones hair before all of it falls off.

More of this DIY ''10 years younger''- experiment in a separate post.

I also fell in love with Devon Rexes (what is the plural of that??) while I was getting my hair extensions done. 

See what an exciting life I have? You didn't really miss anything lol.