torstai 26. syyskuuta 2013

Last part of the Venice spam I swear

Hi guys!

I seem to have caught one nasty flu here, and felt like posting something warm and comforting, so here's last bunch of the photos I took in Venice! Look at all that SUN *books the next available flight to anywhere where the temperature exceeds + 20 celsius* 

...ok not much sun in these but yeah. Venice is such a beauty at night.

Even the foggy mornings were breathtaking. I have this thing whenever I go abroad I ALWAYS wake up super early, like 6 am early, no matter how late I went to sleep. Someone told it might be because of the difference in magnetic fields but I really don't know.

Happy traveller is happy! Although I had to wear long sleeves and stockings and a scarf because I was bright red. 

ISMO. ( I really don't know why there were toasters with ISMO written on them, but Ismo is a finnish male name, so we found them hilarious. They were everywhere!)

Love locks....

...... so much love locks! Someone tried to sell one for me and Santra too, lol.

One night we ate a fancy restaurant . Mainly we fueled ourselves with pizza.

IF SOMEONE GOES AHEAD AND BUYS ME THIS CHARMING KITTY PRINCE I WILL DIE HAPPY, OK? I just fell in love with those and I don't think my life will ever be the same again ;--;

tiistai 17. syyskuuta 2013

Lido di Venezia

Little more picture spamming from our trip to Venice! I decided to separate Lido post from all Venice posts because Lido became sort special for us during our trip, it was a getaway from the masses of tourists and the heat of the city. Not saying there wasn't a lot of people in Lido as well but it seemed far less crowded and more relaxed.

Just got in to the island! We were planning to visit just ONCE, but ended up returning there every day. In the end we sorta regretted that we didn't book our hotel from there.

Italian ice-cream is heavenly I swear. I can never get enough of it! I was planning to write a small tip on where to get the best dark chocolate gelato in Lido, but I've already forgotten the name of the shop, boohoo.

Melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella, nomnomnom.

Our favorite beach spot (which might have been a private beach, since there was barely no one there ever ). 

''Free beach'' with loads of services was a whole different story SO CROWDED. And getting a chair for a one day would make your wallet cry for help.

Random shots and some fave snacks. I'm forever bitter that there's no cafe Zero in Finland, boohooo.

keskiviikko 11. syyskuuta 2013

Fun fair

Knit- Monki
Skirt- Boohoo
Bag- Lost Mannequin
Shoes- Converse

Last weekend, a touring fun fair hit my town. I figured it would be a great chance of dressing up in something cute, girly and maybe a bit ''child-like''.  I added some edge to classic plait knit with a (vegan) leather skirt and red classes. Summer seems to be quite persistent this year, it was still way too hot to wear a knit to be honest.

torstai 5. syyskuuta 2013

Getting lost is the only place worth going to

I've been meaning to post this a whole lot earlier, but I've been crazy busy with work lately. I'm having two days off this upcoming weekend, such a luxury !

But here's the first bunch of photos from my recent trip to Venice!

My comfy travelling look! Boy London tank top, leather jacket , biker boots and all my crucial stuff like laptop showed into Lost Mannequin back bag got me through the 6 hour waiting time at Amsterdam.

Somewhere nearby Amsterdam, looks so pretty in the morning sun!

Chocolates in Chocolate cafe in Amsterdam airport. We bought a little, warm chocolate cake to share, yums!

From Amterdam, we flew to Venice and passed the Alps. We were lucky to have clear sky so we could see the mountains really well!

Waterbus was the greatest way to get around, it was quite expensive tho! 

We stayed at Hotel al Graspo de ua. It was really cozy, even though rooms were really small , had no elevator and our aircon overheated one night. The staff was really friendly! Oh, and it's super hard to find if you don't know where to look, it's in a super tiny alley with very few signs.

Breakfast at our favorite cafe, cafe Torino ! We ended up going there every day because of the delicious tuna sandwiches, mouthwatering cappucino and nice waiter.

Saint Mark's Square, this photo really doesn't give you any idea of how crowded it was at any given time...

That's it for the first photo dump! Until next time, then I'll be sharing some stuff about island of Lido, place I most miss about Venezia.