sunnuntai 25. elokuuta 2013

15 again

 I've been having a ''blog silence'' for over a month now. Not even sorry. I've had lots of things on my mind, I've had summer vacation,  I've been abroad, got back to work and started working like crazy to get some money to my savings account ( I used all my savings in Italy and I feel anxious when I don't have anything ''in case of emergency''-money)  which elevated my stress levels to maximum... I haven't found any room for blogging in my life. It has been a refreshing ''blogging vacation'', but now I'm back in the action! I have few posts waiting for you guys, so keep alert!

I'm starting off with something that is basically my teenage years in a solid object.

Converse All Stars.

I don't know about you, but I used to wear nothing but them when I was 14 until I was about 16. I remember having a pair made out of pvc-ish material in white ( I got them from Venezuela and they were my dearest pair), and when I finally let them go, they were more like grayish. I remember sitting in school corridors with my friends at 8th. grade , doodling and writing to each others' kicks. Good old times. I remember when I really got into girlish style, I told someone I'm never wearing a pair of All Stars ever again. At least not old and stained ones.

Lately I've had a slightdesire for my old favorites. With thick sole. Then, one day when I was casually strolling around Venice I saw these at AW display. On sale. That's when I knew. I could not leave without them.

Aren't they wonderful? The thick soles make them stand out from the crowd of black Converse shoes ( while giving a midget like me much wanted extra centimeters). Whenever I'm wearing these I feel like a 15 year-old again (in a good way though, not in the ''I want to dye my hair with all the color of rainbow and wear nothing but hoodies all year''- kinda way)! I'm not going to draw on these though.

Do you have some nostalgic pieces that remind you of your oh-so-lovely teenage years whenever you dig them out of your closet?

All the photos above are taken on my Venice trip, you'll be seeing a lot that very soon ;3