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Venice tips?

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I'm traveling to Venice in less than a month and I'm already so excited I'm having hard time going to work every morning. I loved Rome last year and during the wintery months I missed Italy like every second day, so one day I had some extra money on my bank account so I extempore booked flights to Venice.

Now I'm asking you, my dear readers and fellow travel enthusiasts, possible locals or whoever might know.

  What to do and where to go? Where to shop all the coolest stuff in Venice? 
I've done some research, but I want to hear your tips !

Places nearby Venice are fine too, we're staying for over week so we have plenty of time. Also, tips for finding nice coffee shops near Rialto bridge (I'm staying in Hotel Graspo de Ua, which I think is near Rialto) are appreciated, I might be in for the kill if I don't get my daily dose of caffeine in the mornings.

Oh yeah, and if you know the best place for gelato in town, do share your wisdom. I just love that stuff.

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  1. I'm half Venitian so I could probably help you~. Though I'm not sure you can find "cool stuff" in Venice because it's an old Italian city.
    Anyway! For gelati you have to go to GROM ( , Venice has 3 shops! and also try specialities. You can find them easily by their names like "crema del doge" and so (^w^)
    As for food, try to find small restaurants (sometimes they don't even have a menu as they serve fresh everyday food) or try a seafood risotto, baccalà or baccalà al pomodoro (be careful, baccalà has a strong taste), squid ink pasta.
    Aperitive time, drink Spritz (it's everywhere in Italy but a specialy of Venice)!! And if they ask Campari or Aperol, I'd say Aperol.
    Then Venice is not that big. By being near the Rialto, you can easily go everywhere and see the whole city~ (use the vaporreto)

    Well, this comment is getting long and I'm not even sure this is what you need. But if you have any questions, I can most likely help you and I'd love to! (^o^)

    1. Omg so much info, thank you a lot ❤😍 I wondered if there's any kind of malls or shopping districts worth taking a look at?

  2. When I travelled to Venice, I found that the best way to find the best things is to buy a map and decide a place on the other side of town from you that you wanna see (like Piazza San Marco or so) and then draw a way that you wanna walk just randomly (it looks big, but to get through the whole thing not even in a straight line takes about an hour or two).
    This way we came across some really cute and pretty shops in little alleys, and avoided the ugly tourist-full places.

    And the other thing is to just visit Burano (the houses are TOO cute! It's amazing to walk around there!) and Murano for pretty glass sculptures and all.

    Can't give you more than that, I think! ♥

    1. Oh and even though it is DAMN expensive to ride a gondola, I really loved it (though you get sunburn easily during the ride). The boys are cute and very nice, and it is so peaceful to ride the gondola around (:

    2. Ohh thank you!! I'll keep your tips in mind :3