keskiviikko 17. heinäkuuta 2013


Dress- Reverse
Cardigan- Gina Tricot
Shoes-  Vivienne Westwood

I've been waiting for a chance to wear this formal- ish dress, and last weekend I stopped by at my stepbrother's confirmation party looking like this! There's a funny story behind this certain dress; I ordered Unif dress from Karmaloop and waited for a small eternity to get it because the delivery company lost it somewhere between customs and my apartment, even though they did try to deliver it once. When after 4 phone calls and several days of waiting I finally received the package, I found this Reverse dress. Sorry some Emily from Canada, this was supposed to be yours! Karmaloop was nice enough to offer me full refund and I got to keep this, since they had already ran out of my size of the dress I originally wanted. I consider myself lucky, I could have gotten a horrible rag but instead I ended with this beauty, practically for free!

maanantai 8. heinäkuuta 2013

Comfort zone

Beanie- Rotting Fresh
Top- Killstar
Lace top- Vero Moda
Cardigan- Gina Tricot
Shoes- Misu
Necklace- Mango
Backbag- Lost Mannequin

After a long day at work, it's nice to have casual hangout with greatest friends in the world, in the most casual and comfortable clothes you own.  This is one of my current favorite ''comfort outfits'', for those days when I really don't feel like worrying too much. Killstar tops are great for that, perfect length, nice fabric and rad prints! Going to stock up on these babes! 

Even though I thought about keeping this strictly as an outfit post, I have to share this. How often you get to drink from a rifle full of vodka?? From Russia with looove.

keskiviikko 3. heinäkuuta 2013

Venice tips?

pictures from Google

I'm traveling to Venice in less than a month and I'm already so excited I'm having hard time going to work every morning. I loved Rome last year and during the wintery months I missed Italy like every second day, so one day I had some extra money on my bank account so I extempore booked flights to Venice.

Now I'm asking you, my dear readers and fellow travel enthusiasts, possible locals or whoever might know.

  What to do and where to go? Where to shop all the coolest stuff in Venice? 
I've done some research, but I want to hear your tips !

Places nearby Venice are fine too, we're staying for over week so we have plenty of time. Also, tips for finding nice coffee shops near Rialto bridge (I'm staying in Hotel Graspo de Ua, which I think is near Rialto) are appreciated, I might be in for the kill if I don't get my daily dose of caffeine in the mornings.

Oh yeah, and if you know the best place for gelato in town, do share your wisdom. I just love that stuff.