tiistai 11. kesäkuuta 2013

Smart casual and ask.fm.

Blazer- H&M
Button up- Yesstyle
Shorts- Nasty Gal
Cross necklace- Mango

Last Saturday my friend had his graduation party and dress code was somewhere between formal and casual... I guess it's called smart casual ? I'm really bad at these kind of things. Anyways, my friend Samu is a real chef now *proud*! These kinds of events always make me wonder what I should do with my life, being a shop assistant isn't exactly my dream profession. 

But the party was a great success, even though I arrived quite late and missed the feast  . I heard they had a WHOLE ROASTED PIG in the dinner table. I don't even eat meat but I would have wanted to see that. I managed to take good advantage of the open bar tho..maybe even bit too good. 

OH BTW. I made myself ask.fm account so if you ever feel like there's something you want to ask, go ahead and do so!

13 kommenttia:

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  2. Your outfit is nice, and looks good with your hairstyle (I know it's random but rea~lly)
    I like the high waisted short with zippers (^w^)