torstai 27. kesäkuuta 2013


Hello and long time no see! I've been on the go for quite a while now, busy with all kinds of summery activities with friends, gotta take advantage of this awesome weather while I can so excuse my absence! 

I had awesome, long weekend with bunch of friends at the cottage in Sappee. Best midsummer celebration, I must say! 4 days, awesome people and so much epic stuff I could keep talking for days. 

Here's our cottage BEFORE we totally fucked it up. Seriously, there was no chance we could have cleaned it all up before we had to return the keys.

Glamorous cottage cuisine. 

We managed to do a quick visit to Tampere on Friday and I had to get a tourist pic. I had my eyes closed in every single one of them. Note how I managed to dye the black pars of my hair blueish black.


Nearest beach was 3 km away from the cottage but swimming was obligatory because midsummer.

Typical midsummer scenery in Finland. Note the broken chair our cottage neighbors manage to break at some point.

Third day and I was too exhausted to try and look good.

Our neighbors bought a whole box of Dumle lollipops , just because ''they felt like licking the chocolate off them''.

We left the uncleaned ( still waiting for the cleaning bill with curiosity ) cottage on Sunday morning and I headed to glorious kingdom of Koivukylä to wrap the whole midsummer celebration up.

All in all, great weekend and great company. I'm pretty sure this trip will be one of those stories I keep telling over and over again and bore all nurses at the nursing home when I'm 90 and suffer from alzheimer.

7 kommenttia:

  1. Hienon näköinen reissu! Onneks teitä on useempi jakamassa siivouslaskua. :)

    1. Jep, vielä ei oo kuulunut mitään mutta laskua odotellessa XD

  2. this looks like lots of fun! you all look gorgeous!

  3. Omg want that car XD


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