sunnuntai 2. kesäkuuta 2013

Fix that vision.

A while ago, online optical store contacted me asking if I wanted to collaborate with them. As I've mentioned couple of times, glasses and shades are my lifesavers, so I gladly accepted the offer! The nice people at Firmoo sent me a pair of glasses and pair of sunnies to test review!

First pair was these wonderful retro-vibeish glasses. 

I like how they bring a little splash of color to even most monotone outfits! I've been wearing these quite a lot lately, here I combined them with a school girl/ secretary- type of look, works every time!

You can also trick people into thinking you're a hard-working student.

As I have a pretty good vision, I got these with o.oo prescription. You can get all of their glasses without prescription, perfect for people like me who like to wear glasses for fun! I also got anti-reflective and UV- coating to protect my precious eyes.

Second pair was these fabulous shades! I fell in love with the earpiece, so pretty *--*

Black big shades are awesome because they can be combined with pretty much anything. Casual outfits like this, formal outfits... you name it! These too have the anti-reflective and UV-coating, which is great! Shades without the UV-coating won't protect your eyes the same.

And what's the best? YOU CAN GET YOUR FIRST PAIR FREE!
The free glasses include all the complimentary goods from cleaning cloths to cases. Click here to read the full details. 

Also, prices at Firmoo are unbeatable. Prices at optic stores are insane and the models are very limited. Now you can get stylish glasses for a very low price, you can now afford many pairs to wear with different outfits! 

They even have a virtual try-on system, so you can find the perfect fit for you face. No more worrying if your new glasses don't fit your face at all!

Excited yet? Click here to start shopping.

7 kommenttia:

  1. That is amazing :)
    And the glasses suit you so well *^*
    Gotta check out their store.

  2. Noi lasit on aivan ihanat ja ne sopii sulle tosi hyvin! (:

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