perjantai 15. maaliskuuta 2013

Tutorial; How to be absolutely fabulous walking nest of bacteria

Ok not actually tutorial, just me ranting about my third flu this year. I'm turning just turning 20 this year and my health is already gone, I should start my funeral arrangements already lol. My absence is partly due to this; I've been too tired to do anything except watch Supernatural.

Step 1.

Do your hair in weird-ass ways. No one will notice that your face looks like something that could be from The walking dead if your hair resembles a pineapple.

Step 2.

If you happen to suffer from dry eyes and make-up hurts like a bitch, use gigantic glasses. Everyone will think you've just found your inner hipsterness.

Step 3.

Get gigantic scarf. Not only it will keep your neck warm...

... it also works as a great place to hide your face in case suddenly realize you look more or less like a living dead.

Step 4.

If you're nose starts hurting from having wiping it with tissues all the time, don't be afraid of using a medical cream like Bepanthen. It will blend in greatly to your skin now that it's whiter than Voldemort's.

Step 5.

Do stupid shit like go shopping in Ikea (= walk around for hours in a humongous maze) and assemble new furniture. This will prolong your sickness for sure so that you have time to try all these tips!

Merry sickness and happy sneezing!

17 kommenttia:

  1. Haha I feel you xDDD
    Gone through this too, highly recommand your tips!
    Get well soon though♥

  2. Your entry is just too funny XD you're too lovely!

  3. Keke, just osm, it's funny to read those entries, more than 'I was shopping blabla' like the most bloggers do :3
    Hope u get well soon, and yeah, happy sneezing! :P

  4. Thank you, I'm trying hard to get better!


    Vien päänahkasi 8(

  6. I hope you get well soon !!
    Thanks for the "tutorial" ^__^


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