keskiviikko 20. maaliskuuta 2013

Great and Powerful

A quick photo dump before I figure out something interesting to update about.

Last weekend, still recovering from sickness, I dragged my ass out of my comfy covers and managed to resemble a human being. I was still way too lazy to do anything with my hair so after a long time of wig-free life, I pulled one of my favorite hairy friend out of the closet.

I had talked about The great and powerful Oz for months already, so even if it meant risking my health, I just had to see it on premiere night.

Crappiest outfit photos in the history of mankind. From the camera screen these seemed fine but on my computer.....just no. Well, I fulfilled my fantasy of military uniform- inspired outfit and I really really liked it!

Hat- Boutique Lou Lou
Camo shirt- Ebay
Blazer- H&M
Leggings- Ebay
Boots- Spirit store

My partner in crime. You know those people you haven't seen in ages and when you finally meet up it's like no time had passed at all? She's exactly that person.

This picture is the last time I saw my hat. I'm heartbroken.

Obligatory blogger photo of our pre-movie noms at Steam coffee. Damn I love cookies.

I mean who wouldn't love cookies?

Ok I got sidetracked. The movie let me down a bit, visually it was quite nice but I really missed the sense of wonder.It's the land of Oz anyway, it should be somehow more....wonderful. Well, I leave the further criticism to pro's.

Have you guys seen the new Oz yet?

15 kommenttia:

  1. you look awesome and take good care of your health ;;

  2. Aw you lost your hat?! Noooo~ It's so cute! Too bad the movie let you down a bit. I want to see it, and I hope it's magical enough for me hahaha ♥ I hope you're feeling better now!

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