tiistai 19. helmikuuta 2013

Stick me with a needle baby.

Hello people, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty boring since all my friends had gone somewhere so I was just lagging at home with Netflix. Last week I had some exciting moments tho!

Irrelevant camwhorage. Can you see the excitement on my face? Probably not since I look as emotionless as ever lol.

Here's some excitement for you;

Or pure fear. Can you tell from the background what was all this fuzz about?

Little tip; Place is called 1/2 Block and they poke holes into people there. 
Yesss, I got some new metal into my body!! 

Irrelevant outfit photo

Hoodie- Skinny lip (see that batman logo omg!)
Belt- D.I.A
Jeans- Yumetenbo

And back into the actual subject!


A lonely and sad single microdermal with tiny little top *sob*


A happy couple with new, bigger tops! Yay!

What do you think? I'm madly in love with them now, looking back now the single microdermal looks really lonely haha.

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  1. :D kiva lävistys:) en pääse yli miten ihanat hiukset ja tyyli sulla on!