sunnuntai 10. helmikuuta 2013

Random inactivities

Long time no abc!

I'm still recovering from influenza that practically swept me off my feet (really, last Sunday-Tuesday I was on my feet altogether an hour max). My brain was in such a fever coma (you know, the weird feeling after fever rises to over 39 celsius when you're house could in fire without you realizing) that only thing I was capable of doing was sleeping, eating yogurt and other crap that's easily swallowable and watching Jericho from Netflix. That pretty much explains my blog silence.

Here's couple of things I managed to snap a high quality iPhone photo of during this death silence!

Black and pink glittery whore makeup with couple of new things I bought before I got sick!

The things I wanted to try were...

...Make up store mixing liquid. It's practically I used to attach all the powdery crap like loose eyeshadow or loose glitter on to your face. Works wonders and hurts like a bitch if you get it in your eye.

...Make up store loose glitter in Nova. Prettiest glitter in the universe,  photos don't do it justice because IRL it has lot of different shades depending on the light.

Some instacrap.

Some more instacrap with normal make up and frontal view which is very rare on my photos omg! I look bit like a scared animal.

And outfit I had on when I went to see Hansel and Gretel Witch hunters. I pretty much fell in love with Gretel and now I need a pair of leather pants *sob*

Cardigan- D.I.A
Top- Skinny lip
Shoes- Spirit
Scarf- Vero Moda
Accessories- Ebay

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  1. Oot niin suloinen :) Kaunis ja ihanan hoikka :>

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