maanantai 11. helmikuuta 2013

Current obsessions

1. Sheer fabrics.

Maybe not the best choice for the current ice age-ish  season (unless you have death wish) but for spring I want a bunch of flowy and light shirts and skirts!

2. Skulls and crosses

My skulls & crosses mania won't calm down. Even basic printed t-shirt get instantly cool effect with some bad-ass skulls in it.

3. Cut-outs.

Keeps me very well motivated to not nom on chocolate every day. I wish it was warmer already, right now cut-outs would mean immediate frost bite.

4. Military

A year ago I would've swore I would never touch army green. Now I'm dreaming of an outfit with army green shirt with cool military badges and some spikes, combined with combat boots and (fake) leather pants. This happens EVERY DAMN TIME I SWEAR I'M NEVER WEARING SOMETHING EVER.  

What are your current fashion obsessions? 

13 kommenttia:

  1. Atm i'm obsessed with sheer fabrics and leather (fake or real !) ! And they look perfect together ! Black leather shorts and shirt made from some sheer fabric... oh summer, where are you !

    1. The contrast between sheer fabrics and leather is pure love!

  2. cupcakecouture viivi..?

    1. Hohhoijaa. Ihan henkilökohtaisia lemppareitani nämä nyt on, jos muukin tykkää samoista niin kiva, we have something in common : D Jos niinä harvoina hetkinä kun mulla on aikaa lukea blogeja nään toisella bloggaajalla jotain kivaa niin kyllä sen rytkyn hankin ilman omantunnontuskia.

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