sunnuntai 27. tammikuuta 2013

Anna Sui love

I finally received my new Anna Sui iPhone case and got my phone's screen fixed so I thought I'd share some pics with you guys!

I'm madly in love with the design and the best part....

it also works as a pocket mirror! Handy, eh?

Also changed my backgrounds to Anna Sui- theme!

In this Instagram photo you can see how massive it really is!! I've never had one of those over the top blinded phone cases (but I've had Rilakkuma and bunny ear cases tho!) so it feels HUMONGOUS. And heavy. And it's hard to put into any pocket. but I have to cope because it's the prettiest thing on planet ;_; And because phone is one of those things I carry with me everywhere, it has to look pretty!

Do you like to have a lot of bling on your phone or do you like keeping it simple?

lauantai 19. tammikuuta 2013

Ootd; Casual Saturday

 I've been dressing very casually lately. Today I thought giving a look with massive beanie a try!
I thought the beanie gave the outfit a really cute and super casual look, me likey : 3

Cardigan- Gina Tricot
Shirt- Skinny lip
Jeans- Skinny lip
Belt- D.I.A
Shoes- Liu Jo
Hat- Only
Scarf- Only
Necklace- Ebay

So what do you think? I usually wear beanies only when I don't feel like using extensions or doing my hair in anyway and I just want to wear sweat pants  when going to nearby grocery store lol but today I wanted to try beanie with an actual outfit!

sunnuntai 13. tammikuuta 2013

There's stuff on my hair

Since lot of you followers have found your way into to my blog while googling for hair related stuff, I thought I'd share some hair tips and tell you a bit about my most used hair products! I put quite a lot of stuff on my hair on regular basis and thanks to my hairdresser roommate Mini , I've started to pay more attention to haircare, not just styling. 

First up, products I use to maintain my hair color and keep it fresh looking!

from left to right 

CX Corrector Mineral removing shampoo. Bleached hair and tap water that has lots of minerals tends to result funky greenish tone ( and not just slight tone, last year I had bright green spot on my hair) and when you've used a lot of silver shampoo the color loses it's ''freshness''. Shampooing with this 1-2 per month and letting it be for 5-10 minutes removes all the excess crap from the hair and hair looks fresh again. This is quite drying though, so I wouldn't suggest using it very often.

Indola Silver shampoo. Other one of my current favorite silver shampoos. Lots of pigment and 5-10 minutes is enough to keep the yellowness away.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Freeze Silver shampoo. Same as the above, a great product and works greatly even though my hair naturally has lots of warm pigment.

I actually don't use any ''regular'' shampoo, I'm really paranoid about my color washing out lol.  

Then my Schwarzkopf (who the fuck came up with that monstrous and complicated name??) conditioners!

Bonacure Repair Rescue treatment hair mask.  Best mask I've ever used! All the bleaching has damaged and thinned my hair quite a lot and this one repairs the structure of the hair. I've noticed my hair is visibly much healthier looking and softer!

Gliss Daily oil elixir. I only use it when my hair feels REALLY dry. Even though it's oil, it doesn't leave the hair oily.

And Wella conditioners!

Enrich nourishing spray. I use it every time after I wash my hair, it's light weight and provides the extra nourishment and moisture to my weakened, over bleached hair.

Enrich mask.  I got few travel size bottles from Mini, so this is what I use whenever I'm going away from home. It's very creamy and hair feels super soft after this but I still prefer Bonacure over this a bit. 

I don't use any regular conditioner either, not strong enough for my haystack hair! 

Then some pre-styling products!

Tigi Catwalk Your highness root boost. I like big hair and I can not lie. I spray this on the roots of my damp hair , then blowdry and boom, I got long lasting volume! I like using this more than any other product because it's SPRAY, I hate applying balms or mousses  : (

Tigi Bed head Small talk 3 in 1. This is great if your hair gets frizzy easily. Applying this to damp hair and blowdrying it tends to tame down locks that won't behave. Also, the smell is amazing.

Got2b 2 Sexy big volume mousse. A good product to get lots of volume, but I've been neglecting this a lot after I found Tigi root boost, I'm really not the biggest fan of mousses  : ( Smells great and works great though!

The savior.
Got2b rockin' it encore fresh dry shampoo. I don't what I did before this (probably actually washed my hair lot more often lol). It's easier to maintain my hair color when I don't have to wash my hair so often. Also, saves a lot of time in the morning when I can just spray this on my roots and my hair looks non-oily in seconds!

The best hairspray in the world.

Osis+ Freeze finish hairspray. Doesn't have a strong scent and very small amount is enough to keep my hair the way I styled it, even when the weather is bit moist (won't survive a typhoon tho). I don't think I want to use any other hairspray ever again.

sunnuntai 6. tammikuuta 2013

Cruella De Vil

I've been really frustrated with my hair lately so yesterday with the help of Mini I got some new paint on my head. 

What do you think? Bit Cruella De Vil- vibeish haha . Finally I got the light grey tone I've wanted for ages!!! *happydance* Still need more extensions though, I ordered 2 packs from some Ebay seller and there's no way I got 150 g of hair, feels like there's more like 100 g.  ;_;  Can't check it because I don't have kitchen scale .

My outfit for today, in case someones interested;

Parka- Seppälä
Fur scarf- Vero Moda
Skull cardigan- Ebay
Jeans- Skinny Lip
Shoes- Liu Jo (from Italy)

Products I used; Cameleo 3.0 Dark Brown for highlights, Casting Creme Gloss 10.10 Light Iced blonde. I ordered some Lucido-L in classic tea but it turned out too dark so I didn't use it. Money well spent!

If someone is interested in this dye, I'm willing to sell 3 packages of it for very cheap price ;--3 I don't think I'd ever need it so I need to get rid of them...

keskiviikko 2. tammikuuta 2013

Spiked all over

Last week I went to customs pick up Christmas present from me to myself and I'm really excited to show my bad ass babies to you!

Aaaand the box contained


Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike 2 aka The all-over spiked Litas!

Actually they're not completely spiked, there's some flat studs on the inside. Spikes on the inside would be quite impractical lol. They're impractical enough just the way they are, taking them off is literally pain, and I've hit myself with those spikes more often than I'd like.

But nevertheless,  prettiness makes all the pain worth it! Also those spikes make a pretty good weapon at 4 am. on a Saturday night.

So what do you think  ?