sunnuntai 2. joulukuuta 2012

Fire in the sky

Hello guys, and happy December!

Have you opened the first two windows of your advent calendar. I sure have. Actually I bought my calendar in beginning of November and managed to nom all the chocolates before the 1 st. of December. That's what you get from buying a calendar filled with Mars and Snickers and M&M's. I bought a new one tho, which turned out as a major disappointment. 

Anyways, we went to do some Christmas gift shopping on Saturday with Sara. Nowadays I shop online way more, IRL shopping felt almost funny.

In the train. Which was late like any respectable VR- train should after winter's first blizzard. 

My Dolly wink no. 006  Baby cute arrived few days earlier, so I decided to take them for a test ride. They're actually really cute and comfy, maybe my new fave lower lashes!

We stopped by at Tikkuri to take Sara's shoes to a cobbler and to our surprise there was some Christmas stuff going on. This fake-Santa here was in a right profession for him. Too bad that during 11 out of 12 months there's not much work for fake- Santas. : C

There was also free glogg and gingerbreads *consume all the free food*

After consuming our free calories, we headed to Helsinki! Who wouldn't love the city during christmas time? So much pretty lights *_*

RRRRoasted chestnuts! Smelled heavenly but wouldn't taste. Seems too suspicious.

I usually only visit Stockmann during Christmas because they pull off the best over the top- style Christmas. So much pretty decoration I can't afford ;_; 

My outfit !
Spiked headband- Ebay
Fur scarf- Bianco
Jacket- D.I.A
Skirt- Real MA*RS
Garter- MA*RS
Shoes- Spirit

We lucked out in the evening, we were just casually having a smoke outside Kamppi when people started swarming out of the building. Few minutes later, POTC-theme started playing and boom, firepowerrrrr! 

I thought about uploading a video of the fireworks but it turned out really lousy quality, boohoo.

9 kommenttia:

  1. Wow! The city looks so pretty! : D : D I love what you were wearing too!

  2. I love Christmas time = best time of the year. <3
    And the City looks really pretty !!
    The spikked headband suits you , i have a smiliar one :D

    1. I know, pretty christmas lights change the scenery so much ;_; <3

  3. You look cute as always! I like the lower lashes!
    And fireworks are great!

  4. Looking lovely and Gal everytime^^!