torstai 27. joulukuuta 2012

2012 in a nutshell

Hello! Only few days left of 2012, so I made a little collage of the happenings during this last year. More about my Christmas in the next post.


Hanged out at beaches and cities of Thailand. Got back home and tried to get used to the coldness again. Watched lots of weird-ass Japanese movies. Lost my solarium virginity because I didn't want to lose my Thailand-tan and got short-term solarium boom. 


Got kicked out of school dressed up as flight attendant at '' Penkkarit''. Went to vomit-smelling high school senior cruise, which was probably the weirdest trip I've ever been to. Just think about 200-300 students in a same ship oh god. I also had a quick visit at Stockholm and had Burger King for the first time in my life. Ohh Crispy chicken burger, how I miss you.


Went to house party at Nemo's. Dyed my hair brown x pink. Had cabin party at smelly and cold cabin at riding stable that my friends parents own. Broke my laptop.  


Had a late Christmas party and yet another house party at Nemo's. Started a new job at Stockmann and visited Linnanmäki amusement park. Paid 6,50 € for one (1) minute ride. Which was totally worth it because it was all time favorite ride, Milky way.


Went to see Dark shadows which I had been waiting for half a year (was great, btw). Celebrated May Day by barbecue and ultimate drunkness in chilly weather. Passed my drivers license test (on a second try, on the first try I nearly killed someone).  Got my first non- cosplay purpose wig.


Surprisingly graduated ( I highly doubted I would because I was sure I was going to fail chemistry and math.). Got myself a Macbook Pro. Broke my toe at work just before midsummer  and therefore got sick leave through whole midsummer- weekend.  Used my recovery time by partying the whole weekend at Sara's and Nemo's.


Got extempore microdermal on my chest ( it felt like the needle went through my lungs I swear). Went to Linnanmäki and Sea life again. Worked almost every weekend so I could have 5 days off next month.


Visited Rome. Fell in love with one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to. At the end of the month I quit my job and moved to Mini's.


Started a new job. Got myself my first tattoo. Partied a lot and watched MarbleHornets' Slender man serie. Got hypersensitive about every little voice in the dark.


Moved to a new apartment with Sara, Mini and Kim. Spent fucknormous amount of money on Ikea crap. Had unbroken party combo for every single weekend of the month. Had a nice photoshoot near our new apartment and wandered around our new neighborhood a lot.


Had a Halloween costume party. Had our housewarming/my birthday combo party the next weekend and managed to piss off one our neighbors. First snow fell and everyone was amazed .


Did lots of Christmas shopping, went to see the Hobbit (twice actually. Greatest movie I've seen in a while), celebrated Christmas.

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  1. Tosi kiva postaus! Olet hirmu nätti! (:

  2. Wait wat, did I really throw so many parties last year... :'D

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