torstai 8. marraskuuta 2012

Zombies and stuff.

Last weekend, we held a little halloween celebration at our place. We rarely hold any theme parties, so it was fun decorating our apartment and see everyone putting some effort into their costumes!

I dressed up as a zombie flight attendant! Costume from Boutique LouLou, Cardigan from Yumetenbo. My makeup was simply done with white cream make-up and different tones of red and purple eyeshadows. I wanted to do some flesh wounds but completely forgot to purchase the right equipment, boohoo.

Dave's skull makeup was quite cool!

The scariest costume of the evening; Mart (height: 205 cm) dressed up as slender man. Ö__Ö
Quite fitting for our decoration too, we had some notes from Slender game attached to our walls!

Group photo! 

A gun is obligatory for every flight attendant.

Since this party was a real  success, I'd really love to hold more of these. Dressing up and planning the decorations and such is so exciting *--* Any suggestions for future themes? I've been thinking about space station party. Styled space suits required.    

10 kommenttia:

  1. Oh wow you all look amazing! Bet you had lots of fun :D

  2. Mua oikeesti otti mahasta toi slenden man asu! Ihan mahtavaa! :D

    1. Älä vain, sain sätkyn kun kävin avaamassa Martsalle ovea ja vastassa olikin slender man XD

  3. Oh my god, you all look awesome!
    And the slender man is so creepy!!! ;___; XD