lauantai 3. marraskuuta 2012

Ootd; Paws up!

One morning I woke up to a sight that made me literally go wtf. I had evening shift the night before and when I got home after midnight, it was a complete autumn outside. When I woke up the next morning and looked outside, I felt as if I had slept for a month; mother nature had obviously gone mad and brought us winter in October. 

That could only mean one thing; I was meant to wear overly cute winter stuff that day !

Hoodie- MA*RS
Kittyhat- Seppälä
Stockings- Seppälä
Shoes- Liu Jo (From Rome)

These photos also suggest that I'm meant to cut my bangs soon STOP GROWING AND GIVE ALL YOUR GROWING POTENTIAL TO THE OTHER PARTS OF MY HAIR THANK YOU. 

Close-up of the design of the stockings. I was freezing the whole day but totally worth it.

Irrelevant photo but omg look at that snow! It has melted already tho, which is quite a shame :<

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