maanantai 26. marraskuuta 2012

Ootd (once again).

Helloooo people!

Just a quick post showing my look today! I've been looking quite boring and casual lately since I haven't done anything special in few weeks, thus the lack of posts.

Cardigan- Ghost of Harlem
Top- Only
Skirt-Shorts - Real MA*RS
Boots- Spirit
Necklace- Mango

I'm mad in love with this skirt-shorts thingy, it looks like skirt but it's actually shorts. When you open the zipper on the side you can see the shorts part AND there's no danger of accidental flashing!

After taking the photos I still added the furry scarf because I realized I didn't like how the chest area looked completely empty. It also adds some winter- feel to the overall look!

Tried to camwhore my unusual hairdo but failed a bit. Don't think I'll be doing this very often, it doesn't really suit my facial features as much as long and curly hair does ;_;

5 kommenttia:

  1. Anteeks tää on niin hämäävää vaa :DD mut onks tääki keravalta? :D ite asun keravalla joten tunnistan osasta kuvista.. Asutko keraval?

    1. Joo, on meijän partsilla otettuja kuvia XD eli täällä asustelen!

  2. I think this look suits you perfectly fine too!