maanantai 12. marraskuuta 2012

Burn the house down

Last weekend we finally held our housewarming party.  Some people came just for free food quickly take a look at our place and hang out, some people stayed to continue partying with us.


Top- Sisters point
Cardigan- D.I.A
Shorts- MA*RS
Stockings- Seppälä
Boots- Spirit

Before any of our guests arrived we did the obligatory ''snap few shots while we still look like humans'' - camwhorage

For most of the time I didn't look very humanly tho.

Kiinnostuskiikarit, mulla ilmeisesti kiinnostusmonokkeli.

When the guests arrived, camera was pretty much forgotten so not much photographic evidence of even having anyone over haha.

Only publishable photos are these few fish eye photos from Tony's camera. Most of them look like crap on my part tho because it was only after taking them when I realized my wig was in serious need of fixing.

After pre-party at our place, we dragged our butts to Ale-pub. Please punch me in the face if I think about showing my face there ever again. I had fun tho, maybe a bit too much alcohol fun tbh.

Ok, this is how much fun we actually had. And there was no booze, just Megaforce.

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  1. you and your roommates look soooooooo good!!! *_*

  2. Sulla on niin ihanat hiukset!
    Ja tykkäilen kovasti sun vaatteista :)