sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2012

Saturday night (passed) out.

Couple weekends back, me and Mini were bored on a Saturday night and all of our other roommates gone, we figured we could go out to a club since we hadn't done that in a while.

Bear with me, this is absolutely the best shot of my outfit, I looked either like chubby hamster or retarded in all the others. Lesson learned, take outfit photos BEFORE you start gulping down the booze.

Bolero- D.I.A
Top- Yumetenbo
Shorts- MA*RS

My makeup was really kewl too but of course I couldn't capture it with my lousy old camera. My birthday is soon, anyone interested in buying me a new one? lol

Partner in crime. I dunno if it's good for my liver to live together with Mini, now I'm having a first Sunday in a long while I can proudly say I haven't been drinking this weekend. Except little glogg with booze yesterday but that doesn't count, right? 

It has become our habit to start the party with a drinking game called ''bussikuski''. It's super effective (when you triple every penalty drink)!

After the pre-party at our house it was time to head for the club.

I don't know if we were late from the train or really early but seems like we had time to take 1000 photos like this at the train station.

Our destination was glorious club RT, we figured it would be semi- cheap option since it's nearby and the entrance fee isn't high. Well, to our unpleasant surprise, this crap artist was playing that night ;

At first I was bit bitter due to money loss on crap I don't care to see but in the we got good lols out of it.
Also, my master plan of how to avoid having to give cigs to strangers didn't work either, some random hippie had obviously done his homework since he could quote Edgar Allan Poe perfectly. 

We also danced quite a bit, my legs were burning even few days after our night out.

Only publishable photo taken at the club. Note my awesome skill of always breaking my stockings. I don't why they can't make drunk-proof stockings B---(

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  1. hyi, bussikuski... toimiva peli :-D