keskiviikko 26. syyskuuta 2012

Sponsored post ; Fynale J01 Honoo Pink

A while ago Shoppingholics contacted me after a long time and asked if I still felt like continuing our co-operation. I gave them a positive answer and this time they sent me

Fynale Honoo in pink

The package included cute lens cases, sticker thing that works kinda like hair pin, thank you- note and the lenses, of course!

This hair clip-sticker-thing is mindblowingly handy when doing makeup *---* I doubted it'd work but did !

Close up of the design. Not as pink as in the photos on their website but I still like the color very much!
The diameter is 15.00 mm, so it enlarges your eyes without making you look like an alien. I had never wore Fynale lenses before and I didn't have much knowledge about the brand either so I was bit suspicious about the comfortability but these actually feel even better on my eyes than some of my Geo- lenses. (I've actually slept with these lenses on for last three nights in a row because I'm too lazy to take them off lol. Don't learn from my example tho, I'm probably blind before the age of 40)

Click here to purchase your own pair! And don't forget to use the discount code 1000161850 on my sidebar to get 2 USD discount :3

19 kommenttia:

  1. omg, I totally LOVE your make up (*-*)

  2. They look very cute :) I usually like darker lenses but would like to try these too. Your hair is adorable too :D

  3. very cute make up ^.^ but to be honest I don´t really like pink contact lenses >.< I prefer natural colours

  4. The combination of your white-blonde hair and pink contacts is true love *_*
    But ahhh, it's dangerous to sleep with them in, you can get a serious infection!

  5. such a pretty lense color. love it!

  6. You look so cute! <3 I love this color with your hair =)

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