keskiviikko 26. syyskuuta 2012

Sponsored post ; Fynale J01 Honoo Pink

A while ago Shoppingholics contacted me after a long time and asked if I still felt like continuing our co-operation. I gave them a positive answer and this time they sent me

Fynale Honoo in pink

The package included cute lens cases, sticker thing that works kinda like hair pin, thank you- note and the lenses, of course!

This hair clip-sticker-thing is mindblowingly handy when doing makeup *---* I doubted it'd work but did !

Close up of the design. Not as pink as in the photos on their website but I still like the color very much!
The diameter is 15.00 mm, so it enlarges your eyes without making you look like an alien. I had never wore Fynale lenses before and I didn't have much knowledge about the brand either so I was bit suspicious about the comfortability but these actually feel even better on my eyes than some of my Geo- lenses. (I've actually slept with these lenses on for last three nights in a row because I'm too lazy to take them off lol. Don't learn from my example tho, I'm probably blind before the age of 40)

Click here to purchase your own pair! And don't forget to use the discount code 1000161850 on my sidebar to get 2 USD discount :3

keskiviikko 19. syyskuuta 2012

Random useless crap to fill out my blog so I seem like a decent blogger.

Hi  guys!

Tonight, since I've got nothing better to do and I'm currently on a sick leave, I thought about sharing some personal life business that has kept me busy for quite a while now.

Because of things, I've been living at my friend's apartment for few weeks (...or maybe a month? I've seriously lost the track of time.) Around the same time I started a new job that I actually enjoy more.

I must say that I've been much happier than I've been in a long time. Friends come over every night to watch movies and some mornings (or nights, depending on my shift) I actually think it's nice to go to work.

We've also been partying a lot. Maybe a bit too much tbh, slowly but surely I'm gaining this not-so-cute beer belly (I don't drink beer tho).

But because of other reasons we can't stay in this apartment for very long so we searched for a new apartment for a long while. Our search was succesfull and we're moving out next week, eep! I still need to get so many new furniture  and pack all my stuff but maaan, I'm excited! First time in my life I'm actually interested in interior desing and my hands are itching to get started *---*  I'd really love black and white apartment, something like this;

photos are the result of random googling
...Ok probably not with my budget BUT I WILL FIGURE SOMETHING OUT AND MY PLACE WILL LOOK ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. You'll see. I'll post about the place when I'm settled, I promise! I already have the coolest wall clock and mirror, that's a start right?

So yeah, that's pretty much it. I already lost the main idea of this post and managed babble a lot. 99% won't probably read this this far ( so congrats if you are still here) but I felt like filling my blog up with useless crap once again. Let's blame the fever ok?

                         Oh, here's a cup of marshmallow hot chocolate for no reason at all!

keskiviikko 12. syyskuuta 2012

Ink meets skin

I thought I'd share this with you guys when my baby is fully healed so you could see the final result but I'm way too excited to wait!

I've been wanting to have a tattoo for years and now I felt like it's time to start my little "art project"! I'm very pleased with the outcome :3 what do you think?

tiistai 11. syyskuuta 2012

Review series part. 3 Geo color nine Light red

Last part of the review trilogy!

Last pair of Color nine lenses I received from was in Light red. The color is everything but light, which in my opinion is great! These little more extraordinary lenses are nice change for the more natural colored lenses I usually use! I used these once with red plaid shirt and it looked fabulous. Probably my favorite combo is grey hair- red plaid shirt - red lenses.

As you can see from this photo, the lenses cover up the natural eye color pretty well, as well as all the earlier Color nine-lenses I've tested! Small diameter makes the lenses very wearable despite the unnatural color.

These lenses are available in 0.00 to -8.00 description. Click here to purchase!

tiistai 4. syyskuuta 2012

When in rome... part. 5

Last part of Rome adventures!

Outfit of the day
Top- Rosebullet
Shorts- Yumetenbo
Shoes- Vivienne Westwood

We had absolutely no plans so we decided to check out what's on the other side of Tiber!

We found lots of cute alleys !

Santra acting cool.

When we got back, we found a Sunday market! 

I would have wanted to buy these funny colored pastas but I never cook so that would've been waste of money B( They looked more like candy than pasta tbh.

BEST_THING_IN_THE_WORLD and I have no idea what's it called ;_; It's like like sandwich that's pizza that's kinda like sandwich. If someone knows what it is please tell me ok.

NUTELLA PASTRIES. I'm sorta regretting I didn't buy those *Nutella addiction*

Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi! I'm pretty sure they dumped some old guy there in Angels and Demons. Maybe.

We pretty much walked around and wandered the whole day so not much to tell. Last day always creates this ''Oh no I have to leave soon so much to see so much to do omg omg''- feeling for me. I still feel like I haven't seen it all so I think I might go back someday. Already missing Rome terribly ;_; I also want visit Firenze, Milan, Venice, Pesaro...........