tiistai 21. elokuuta 2012

When in Rome....part 3.

First outfit of the day

Top- Gina Tricot
Shorts- MA*RS
Belt- MA*RS
Flip flops- From Thailand
Necklace- Mango

On our third day in Rome, we did bunch of tourist stuff. Our first stop was the Colosseum.

Pose like the caesar or sumthing. 

It was quite surreal to actually see the colosseum with my own eyes, it's even more impressive than in the pictures *--* 

We took some audio guided tour since it got us past the huge line. Normal ticket would have costed something like 5 e and with extra 7 e we could walk straight in. Great for inpatient people like me haha!

Skulls of some beasts that the gladiators fought with! :O

The obligatory ''lookie lookie it's me and the Colosseum''- pic. Apparently the kid on the right decided to strike a pose too.

Me, Santra and some old..thing outside the Colosseum.

After all this super tourist stuff we decided to check a shopping street we hadn't visited yet. The heat probably got me since I got really exhausted, dizzy and cranky.

Getting back to our hotel room had never felt so good. Resting, drinking fuckloads of cola and an air conditioner worked like magic.

Changed my outfit a bit before heading out again. Seems like my toes were the most interesting thing in the world.

Shorts- Yumetenbo
Shoes- Vivienne Westwood

Next stop was the Pantheon!

Just look at the size of that thing!

I have a feeling that this place was on Angels and Demons. Not sure though.

Even though we didn't do much anything after Pantheon, I must mention one thing. We found an umbrella store. With air-conditioned umbrellas. Genious or what?


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