torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

When in Rome... part 4.

On our fourth day in Rome, we headed to Vatican city. We left our hotel earlier than ever to avoid a) heat b) huge lines, so I didn't have time to do much anything about my looks... oh well, at least our plan worked and we didn't have to line for hours!

In front of Basilica papale di San Pietro! Knees and shoulders had to be covered at all time when in Vatican and man, they were strict ! My knit had a low- cut back that I thought didn't matter since my shoulders were covered yet I was stopped at gates and asked to roll it up to cover my back. I was sorta afraid my ripped jeans would create a problem since they don't exactly cover my knees.... There was also metal detectors at the gates!

St.Peter's square!

Even though I'm not religious person, a kewl chapel is kewl. Just think about the amount of money spent to build that thing!

Not sure if that's a real body but it was sorta ewww.

If you like men in uniforms here's some goodies for you...

Vatican guards lol. I wonder if the designer of those uniforms was colorblind or something.

After checking the chapel and buying some holy water in case of zombie apocalypse or vampire attack, we headed to Vatican museum.

Touristey tourist shot in some garden inside the gigantic museum

Jeans- Skinny lip
Top- Yumentenbo
Knit- Yumetenbo
Shoes- Vivienne Westwood

Kewl and pricey ceiling. I bet if you managed to steal even one thing from that museum you'd never had to work again rly.

After a long walk, gelato was the best thing in the world. Can't remember the name of the place but the shop staff was really nice, we got to taste other flavors before deciding what we wanted have and when  they remembered us the next time we went there we got some extra decorations haha. This delicious calorie bomb was Bounty-Nutella combo (´∀`)♡

PIZZAAAAAA ;_________; I can't describe in word how much I love pizza♡ 
But you can probably guess because I've been spamming so many pics of pizza lately....

After dinner we went to take a nice walk next Tiber river

Tiber would be a really pretty river but it was full of crap. I don't what people dump there but it was the dirtiest river I've seen in a while and in my home town there's a river with shopping carts, bikes and god knows what. So yeah I wouldn't swim there.

Couple locks, 85 % of these people are probably gone through a nasty divorce already but yeah, sorta cute.


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