torstai 16. elokuuta 2012

When in Rome... day 2.

Look for the the second day!
Knit- Yumetenbo
Dress- Yumetenbo

After nomming some breakfast at the hotel ( Nutella croissants and cappuccino, noms!) we decided to head out really early to prevent heatstroke.

Our first stop was Fontana di Trevi , where we took some photos for the purposes you'll see later on!

Posing with my lovely companion purr ! The fountain was always crowded during the day but around 9 am you could actually take photos there.

Since it was early we continued to other usually crowded tourist attraction, Scalinata della Trinità die Monti (Spanish steps)

And since I can't pose seriously I had to fool around. I was quite afraid of slipping and falling into the fountain.

This super expensive shopping street was located right next to Piazza di Spagna.  Most of the stores had armed guards in black MIB suits at their doors. While exploring the street, my face looked pretty much like this '' *-----*'' , didn't dare to step into any store though. Just to make sure no one would accidentally think I have money to buy anything.

Rest of the day we spent shopping in places that were more wallet- friendly.

This Disney store was super cool, decoration was all ancient Rome- themed *---*

I found my inner Avenger.

Santra didn't let me buy Stich- coffee mug because she thought it was ugly, I'm forever hurt.

Headless man- woman in Via del Corso. She was in that exact same location every day from dawn until dusk.

Outfit change for dinner!

Top- Yumetenbo
Shorts- MA*RS
Belt- MA*RS

We had some insanely delicious pizza for dinner! The tomato sauce was made out of cherry tomatoes so it was bit more moist than usually and that was topped with mozzarella, parmesan flakes and rucola. Pizza is my weak point, good thing that pizzas in Italy aren't drowned in grease so they don't look so unhealthy haha. 

Apparently there's been some crap on my lens >B---(

After dinner we found some ruins with lots of cats ;_; We went to pet them each day during the rest of the trip, they were super cute and weren't afraid of us at all.

We gave some of them names! For example, a cat with only three legs became Tripod. It's quite heartwarming that some people care for these stray cats and provide health care and food to them!

This baby here is Tripod ♥ ;---;


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  1. Aaah I love your outfits! Especially the MA*RS one ^^

  2. awwww Tripod's quite cute! (:
    You're looking gorgeous as always ~♥

    1. Tripod was so adorable, I just wanted to take it home ;__;

  3. Oiiii~ Näyttää ihanalta ♥♥♥ Oli varmasti mukava reissu!! (^w^) Näytät aivan järjettömän hyvältä (T__T) ♥♥♥ Ihana ♥♥

  4. Oot aina niin älyttömän kaunis :3 Rakastan tyyliäs!