tiistai 14. elokuuta 2012

When in Rome... day 1.

Long time no blogging!

Reason for my absence was my recent trip to Rome, I was going to blog on the airplane but surprise, our aircraft was one of the few Norwegian planes that was not yet equipped with wi-fi.

Traveling outfit!

Blouse- Puffy
Jeans- Skinny Lip
Knit- Yumetenbo

We left quite early in the morning and around 8 am we were already sitting in a plane and heading to Rome!  

As I told you guys before, I thought there would have been wi-fi in plane but there wasn't, boohoo. Had to keep myself entertained the old school way by reading magazines.

Arriving to Italy (I think) !

We stayed in fabulous Hotel Cosmopolita in Piazza Venezia, right in the center of Rome! Every major attraction was located within the walking distance from our hotel so we never had to use taxi.

Hotel was super nice *--*

We tried to take cool photos in front of our massive window but my complete lack of posing
skills & tiredness from waking up really early led to series of photos where fail miserably at trying to look like an octopus. 

Quick change for something more suitable for super hot climate (like +30 degrees....)

T-shirt - Skinny lip
Shorts- Yumetenbo
Sandals- from Thailand

We decided to wander around with no map and no plans so we'd get to know our closest surroundings a bit. That went well at first...

We went take a look at Altare della Patria, which was easy to find since it was located on the same piazza our hotel was. Statues on top of it worked as a great landmarks whenever we got lost haha.

Then we decided to walk around the smaller streets...after few moments we had absolutely no idea where we were. Our little adventure wasn't such a bad thing though, it led to finding many cool things..

...like my new friend Pinocchio..

... and this great gelateria called Blue ice.

I took Nutella flavored one and Santra had Kinder.  We were never able to find this exact same gelateria again ( apparently it's chain, we found it on many other places afterwards) even though we looked for three days. *sob*

When it started to get dark we ended up eating dinner at fancy wine bar right next to Pantheon.

Really, can you ask for nicer view straight from your dinner table ?

We ended our first night with Italian aperitif drink Spritz! In the bar we had it it was yummy so the next day we bought some bottled Spritz which was as delicious as sewer water. 


5 kommenttia:

  1. Rome looks so fun! The ice cream looks so delicious~ : D

  2. Ah, tuli ikävä Italiaan ;__; Ja muuten! Kun ite matkustin Norwegianilla ja mulle kerrottin ja netissäkin luki että on wi-fi mahdollisuus... huijausta! D:
    Ihania kuvia ja tuo jäätelö (gelatoksiko sitä kutsutaan?) on niiin hyvää. Otin aina jotain 4 eri makua samaan kuppiin :'DD
    Ja oot suloinen kuten aina♥

    1. Meillä oli wi-fi vasta paluumatkalla ja sekin oli hidas kun mikä :--D mun lemppari gelatoksi muodoistui suklaa- nutella ja bounty- nutella kombot, noms!


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