sunnuntai 19. elokuuta 2012

Review series part.1 Geo Color nine Aqua blue

While ago emailed me and asked me if I wanted to test out Geo's new Color nine- series. I accepted the kind offer and they sent me three pairs to try!

First pair I'm going to review is in Aqua blue- color. To be honest I've been bit hesitant about wearing blue lenses because I feel like the color doesn't suit me at all. I'm still not fan of the blue color but these are surprisingly ok! The color is really vivid and the lens covers the natural eye color really well.

Close- up of the design. The diameter is only 14.2 mm, so they look fairly natural and can be used with very minimal amount of make up too. Big lenses tend to look bit alienish without heavy make up but these are fine for those who seek bit more natural look.

Some more photos of me wearing them, taken at Fontana di trevi!

Shadows hit my face pretty badly but oh well. Didn't realize that at the time.

Ok this pic is irrelevant but I like it so I'll dump it here also.

Aqua blue- model is available in plano only. Click here to purchase!


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  1. wow they look really beautiful! thanks for review

  2. Yaaaay~ mäkin sain noita!! ♥♥♥ Hyvin sulle käy noi, tykkään ♥♥♥ (*uuu*)

  3. Joo luinkin sun blogista BD!

  4. I like your BLOG! ♥

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