torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

When in Rome... part 4.

On our fourth day in Rome, we headed to Vatican city. We left our hotel earlier than ever to avoid a) heat b) huge lines, so I didn't have time to do much anything about my looks... oh well, at least our plan worked and we didn't have to line for hours!

In front of Basilica papale di San Pietro! Knees and shoulders had to be covered at all time when in Vatican and man, they were strict ! My knit had a low- cut back that I thought didn't matter since my shoulders were covered yet I was stopped at gates and asked to roll it up to cover my back. I was sorta afraid my ripped jeans would create a problem since they don't exactly cover my knees.... There was also metal detectors at the gates!

St.Peter's square!

Even though I'm not religious person, a kewl chapel is kewl. Just think about the amount of money spent to build that thing!

Not sure if that's a real body but it was sorta ewww.

If you like men in uniforms here's some goodies for you...

Vatican guards lol. I wonder if the designer of those uniforms was colorblind or something.

After checking the chapel and buying some holy water in case of zombie apocalypse or vampire attack, we headed to Vatican museum.

Touristey tourist shot in some garden inside the gigantic museum

Jeans- Skinny lip
Top- Yumentenbo
Knit- Yumetenbo
Shoes- Vivienne Westwood

Kewl and pricey ceiling. I bet if you managed to steal even one thing from that museum you'd never had to work again rly.

After a long walk, gelato was the best thing in the world. Can't remember the name of the place but the shop staff was really nice, we got to taste other flavors before deciding what we wanted have and when  they remembered us the next time we went there we got some extra decorations haha. This delicious calorie bomb was Bounty-Nutella combo (´∀`)♡

PIZZAAAAAA ;_________; I can't describe in word how much I love pizza♡ 
But you can probably guess because I've been spamming so many pics of pizza lately....

After dinner we went to take a nice walk next Tiber river

Tiber would be a really pretty river but it was full of crap. I don't what people dump there but it was the dirtiest river I've seen in a while and in my home town there's a river with shopping carts, bikes and god knows what. So yeah I wouldn't swim there.

Couple locks, 85 % of these people are probably gone through a nasty divorce already but yeah, sorta cute.


tiistai 28. elokuuta 2012

Review series part 2. Geo color nine Pure hazel

Hellooo again!

I'm quite busy with some things happening in my personal life so I'll apologize in advance if don't have time to keep you guys updated so often! I'm trying to find time to spam you with lots of useless photos of my face as usual tho. (●´∀`●)

Anyways, second part of review series sponsored by !
These ones I chose purely because I think brown lenses suit me the best and 99,9% of the time I'm using brown lenses. Because of the natural color and small, 14.2 mm diameter these are probably the most natural looking lenses I've ever owned. I actually wore these for a job interview (and got the job, yay!).

Here's a close up! Really nice and natural design and cover up almost all of my natural eye color!

These lenses are available in 0.00 to - 8.00 prescription. 

Click here to buy yours!

tiistai 21. elokuuta 2012

When in Rome....part 3.

First outfit of the day

Top- Gina Tricot
Shorts- MA*RS
Belt- MA*RS
Flip flops- From Thailand
Necklace- Mango

On our third day in Rome, we did bunch of tourist stuff. Our first stop was the Colosseum.

Pose like the caesar or sumthing. 

It was quite surreal to actually see the colosseum with my own eyes, it's even more impressive than in the pictures *--* 

We took some audio guided tour since it got us past the huge line. Normal ticket would have costed something like 5 e and with extra 7 e we could walk straight in. Great for inpatient people like me haha!

Skulls of some beasts that the gladiators fought with! :O

The obligatory ''lookie lookie it's me and the Colosseum''- pic. Apparently the kid on the right decided to strike a pose too.

Me, Santra and some old..thing outside the Colosseum.

After all this super tourist stuff we decided to check a shopping street we hadn't visited yet. The heat probably got me since I got really exhausted, dizzy and cranky.

Getting back to our hotel room had never felt so good. Resting, drinking fuckloads of cola and an air conditioner worked like magic.

Changed my outfit a bit before heading out again. Seems like my toes were the most interesting thing in the world.

Shorts- Yumetenbo
Shoes- Vivienne Westwood

Next stop was the Pantheon!

Just look at the size of that thing!

I have a feeling that this place was on Angels and Demons. Not sure though.

Even though we didn't do much anything after Pantheon, I must mention one thing. We found an umbrella store. With air-conditioned umbrellas. Genious or what?


sunnuntai 19. elokuuta 2012

Review series part.1 Geo Color nine Aqua blue

While ago emailed me and asked me if I wanted to test out Geo's new Color nine- series. I accepted the kind offer and they sent me three pairs to try!

First pair I'm going to review is in Aqua blue- color. To be honest I've been bit hesitant about wearing blue lenses because I feel like the color doesn't suit me at all. I'm still not fan of the blue color but these are surprisingly ok! The color is really vivid and the lens covers the natural eye color really well.

Close- up of the design. The diameter is only 14.2 mm, so they look fairly natural and can be used with very minimal amount of make up too. Big lenses tend to look bit alienish without heavy make up but these are fine for those who seek bit more natural look.

Some more photos of me wearing them, taken at Fontana di trevi!

Shadows hit my face pretty badly but oh well. Didn't realize that at the time.

Ok this pic is irrelevant but I like it so I'll dump it here also.

Aqua blue- model is available in plano only. Click here to purchase!


torstai 16. elokuuta 2012

When in Rome... day 2.

Look for the the second day!
Knit- Yumetenbo
Dress- Yumetenbo

After nomming some breakfast at the hotel ( Nutella croissants and cappuccino, noms!) we decided to head out really early to prevent heatstroke.

Our first stop was Fontana di Trevi , where we took some photos for the purposes you'll see later on!

Posing with my lovely companion purr ! The fountain was always crowded during the day but around 9 am you could actually take photos there.

Since it was early we continued to other usually crowded tourist attraction, Scalinata della Trinità die Monti (Spanish steps)

And since I can't pose seriously I had to fool around. I was quite afraid of slipping and falling into the fountain.

This super expensive shopping street was located right next to Piazza di Spagna.  Most of the stores had armed guards in black MIB suits at their doors. While exploring the street, my face looked pretty much like this '' *-----*'' , didn't dare to step into any store though. Just to make sure no one would accidentally think I have money to buy anything.

Rest of the day we spent shopping in places that were more wallet- friendly.

This Disney store was super cool, decoration was all ancient Rome- themed *---*

I found my inner Avenger.

Santra didn't let me buy Stich- coffee mug because she thought it was ugly, I'm forever hurt.

Headless man- woman in Via del Corso. She was in that exact same location every day from dawn until dusk.

Outfit change for dinner!

Top- Yumetenbo
Shorts- MA*RS
Belt- MA*RS

We had some insanely delicious pizza for dinner! The tomato sauce was made out of cherry tomatoes so it was bit more moist than usually and that was topped with mozzarella, parmesan flakes and rucola. Pizza is my weak point, good thing that pizzas in Italy aren't drowned in grease so they don't look so unhealthy haha. 

Apparently there's been some crap on my lens >B---(

After dinner we found some ruins with lots of cats ;_; We went to pet them each day during the rest of the trip, they were super cute and weren't afraid of us at all.

We gave some of them names! For example, a cat with only three legs became Tripod. It's quite heartwarming that some people care for these stray cats and provide health care and food to them!

This baby here is Tripod ♥ ;---;