perjantai 20. heinäkuuta 2012

Geo Princess Mimi Sesame grey

Hi guys! was kind enough to send me another pair of lenses to review!  This time I got Geo Princess Mimi aka Tsubasa Bambi series lenses in Sesame grey. I usually tend to wear brown lenses because I've thought they suit me best, but this time I wanted to be bit more experimental!

 Once again the lenses arrived within a week and they were carefully wrapped in bubble wrap so there's no danger of bottles breaking during the delivery. Package contained the lenses, instructions for care&wear and contact lens cases. Service was great and friendly, nothing to complain! 

Close-up of the design. Diameter is 15.00mm and they come in 0.00 to -8.00 corrective power.
Quite thick, black outer ring makes your eye look really doll-like and HUGE.

These ones were bit more uncomfortable than Cafe Mimis, after I got home from work my eyes felt bit dry but little eye drops fixed it no time! I had already wore them longer than recommended though.

Close up when I'm wearing the lenses. My own eyes are light blueish-greenish-I don't what- colored and they blend in really smoothly!

Get your own and variety of other styles at! They offer a free delivery and you can be sure that your buying safe and real, CE(European Conformity), ISO (International Standard Organisation), FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration) and KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) tested products. We don't wanna harm our precious eyes, do we?


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  1. awww I have the same! They are cute~
    You are so pretty <3

  2. Wow the lenses blends in really well with your eyes *___* gorgeous

  3. Oiii~~ ♥♥♥ Ihanat piilarit! Käy tosi hyvin sun silmien väriin!! *___* Ajattelin itekin hankkia jotkut harmaat myös, joten nää vois olla hyvä vaihtoehto!

  4. I've got the apple green and those grey look really nice! Thank for the post, maybe I'll try them next : )

  5. stunning! thanks for the review ~ I think I might try that website next time