maanantai 23. heinäkuuta 2012

Being amused.

Last Sunday I finally managed to do something one must do every summer; spent the whole day at the Linnanmäki- amusement park! Weather was mostly sunny and my company was awesome, what could possibly be better? 

I chose to wear something super comfy and wore extensions instead of wig for obvious reasons. Please excuse my roots, I'm currently trying to fix the damage all the bleaching did.

Hoodie- REAL MA*RS
Jacket- Tokyo Fashion
Garter- Ma*rs
Shoes- Migant
Necklace- Gina Tricot

While walking from train station to Lintsi, we went trough a park with a pond that was full of ducks *-*

Stopped by to feed them (with Mini's breakfast lol). They even ate straight from hand!

We had a mission to try every ride that the amusement park had to offer. Here we're nervously waiting to get into Space shot (and I look like a midget)!

We spent a tiny fortune on little games, trying to win anything from chocolate to ugly plushies. Didn't win anything though :--(

Nomnomnomnom. It was too hot to have warm meal so I had one of my healthy and balanced lunches; cola and Ben&Jerry's!

One of Samu's super long curly fries. I don't know why I'm posting this pic.

We also went to check out Sea Life *---* In case you didn't know, I'm mad in love with aquariums-

Their eyes have lot in common with my lenses so I had to. To increase the similarity, I made a fish face.

Trying to spot the sharks >:--O

Jelly disco!

After 7 hours of rides and some rain, still resembling a human being surprisingly much.

The final damage report; 

1 broken lighter (dropped from 60 m)
1 lost ear cuff ( dropped from 52 meters )
dead feet

Not bad!


10 kommenttia:

  1. looks like a super nice and funny day u've spend with ur friends!! ^.^
    and u look sooo cute <3

  2. looks like you had a lot of fun ~ and you managed to look cute all day! <3 by the time I'm done with amusement parks I look like a total mess, haha.

  3. I love your entries *-* always
    You look gorgeous and your friends also!

  4. Näytät ihanalta, niinkun aina ♥♥ Ja näyttää myös siltä että teillä oli hauskaa! (^w^) Waaa~ haluan kanssa lintsille~~