maanantai 30. heinäkuuta 2012

Silver platinum

Hellooo again!

I received a new member to my fake hair- family little over a week ago but haven't had time to post any pictures of it yet so I snapped few pictures before heading to a party last weekend!

This one wasn't instant ''wow'', it took quite a lot of effort to turn into something wearable. I had to cut it quite a lot since it looked pretty much like this;

Seriously lol. I was doing the ''You shall not pass''- thing in front of the mirror.

I was also bit disappointed that the wig is not silverish at all , the color was supposed to be ''Silver platinum'' but all I see is platinum.  At first I hated it for being too white but after the first shock I think it's pretty cute.

What do you guys think?


maanantai 23. heinäkuuta 2012

Being amused.

Last Sunday I finally managed to do something one must do every summer; spent the whole day at the Linnanmäki- amusement park! Weather was mostly sunny and my company was awesome, what could possibly be better? 

I chose to wear something super comfy and wore extensions instead of wig for obvious reasons. Please excuse my roots, I'm currently trying to fix the damage all the bleaching did.

Hoodie- REAL MA*RS
Jacket- Tokyo Fashion
Garter- Ma*rs
Shoes- Migant
Necklace- Gina Tricot

While walking from train station to Lintsi, we went trough a park with a pond that was full of ducks *-*

Stopped by to feed them (with Mini's breakfast lol). They even ate straight from hand!

We had a mission to try every ride that the amusement park had to offer. Here we're nervously waiting to get into Space shot (and I look like a midget)!

We spent a tiny fortune on little games, trying to win anything from chocolate to ugly plushies. Didn't win anything though :--(

Nomnomnomnom. It was too hot to have warm meal so I had one of my healthy and balanced lunches; cola and Ben&Jerry's!

One of Samu's super long curly fries. I don't know why I'm posting this pic.

We also went to check out Sea Life *---* In case you didn't know, I'm mad in love with aquariums-

Their eyes have lot in common with my lenses so I had to. To increase the similarity, I made a fish face.

Trying to spot the sharks >:--O

Jelly disco!

After 7 hours of rides and some rain, still resembling a human being surprisingly much.

The final damage report; 

1 broken lighter (dropped from 60 m)
1 lost ear cuff ( dropped from 52 meters )
dead feet

Not bad!


perjantai 20. heinäkuuta 2012

Geo Princess Mimi Sesame grey

Hi guys! was kind enough to send me another pair of lenses to review!  This time I got Geo Princess Mimi aka Tsubasa Bambi series lenses in Sesame grey. I usually tend to wear brown lenses because I've thought they suit me best, but this time I wanted to be bit more experimental!

 Once again the lenses arrived within a week and they were carefully wrapped in bubble wrap so there's no danger of bottles breaking during the delivery. Package contained the lenses, instructions for care&wear and contact lens cases. Service was great and friendly, nothing to complain! 

Close-up of the design. Diameter is 15.00mm and they come in 0.00 to -8.00 corrective power.
Quite thick, black outer ring makes your eye look really doll-like and HUGE.

These ones were bit more uncomfortable than Cafe Mimis, after I got home from work my eyes felt bit dry but little eye drops fixed it no time! I had already wore them longer than recommended though.

Close up when I'm wearing the lenses. My own eyes are light blueish-greenish-I don't what- colored and they blend in really smoothly!

Get your own and variety of other styles at! They offer a free delivery and you can be sure that your buying safe and real, CE(European Conformity), ISO (International Standard Organisation), FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration) and KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) tested products. We don't wanna harm our precious eyes, do we?


tiistai 10. heinäkuuta 2012

Masochistic fun!

Hi again!

Just a quick post about bit of an extempore idea that we put to action today! On Sunday I went to beach with Sara and Mini and we got this idea that we should get ourselves pierced together sometime soon. So today since it was my payday, I drove us to Lahti (literal translation; bay. Moronically named cities in Finland part. 50. No offense though.) and we voluntarily got poked with needles.

Obligatory camho shot since I found new, great editing app to my iPhone. It's called photo wonder in case you care.

My partners in crime. Sara (the blondie) got her bellybutton pierced, Teemu (the photo bomber) his brow and Mini got two (!!) on her tongue. Got quite guts there. Samu far in the back was our mental support/ the one who got to laugh while we squealed.

We girls went to calm our nerves with some shopping while the guys....went for a beer. Lol, what a cliché. I didn't buy much though since I did some hardcore internet shopping in the morning. Got a mad gorgeous cross necklace to replace my old, rusty one though, only for 3 e! Gotta love the sales.

Anyways, after some panicking we managed to step inside the piercing shop aaand here's the result!

Cleavage microdermal! I got it for 50 € at Underground, which was quite cheap since I have paid almost 50 € for regular piercings in other shops. Currently I have one in my bellybutton, I should get a new ring for my smiley (underneath the upper lip) and I used to have one on my lip too. Now I'm craving for second microdermal under this one *--*

What do you think? Yay or nay?

Oh, and about the new cross necklace I talked about earlier! Here's my new ''to be used with 99.9% of outfits''- cross on the left, old fugly and rusty on the right. Mucho gusto the new one!


sunnuntai 8. heinäkuuta 2012

Geo Cafe Mimi Macchiato

Care to join me for nice cup of coffee? was nice enough to send me a pair of circle lenses to try out and just received them last Tuesday. I was amazed by the super fast shipping, I picked them up from my local post office 6 days after I had been emailing with the company!

Unwrapping the carefully packaged package (lol sounded funny), I found these. Instructions (great for first time wearers, many companies don't seem to include these with their lenses!), cases and pair of Geo Cafe Mimis in style Macchiato!

The design of the lens is inspired by the froth of macchiato! All their lenses come with the Geo anti-fake sticker, so you can be sure your buying the real thing. GEO lenses are CE (European Conformity), ISO (International Standard Organisation), FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration) and KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) tested and certified, something that many other brands and fakes are not. Buying unreliable brands or fake lenses might compromise your vision!

As a circle lens lover, I tend to wear lenses a lot and for a long periods of time. With these, I haven't yet experienced any dryness nor have they started moving around in my eyes. After these my old favorites felt like having all the sand from Sahara in my eyes lol.

Diameter of these is 15.00 mm, yet they look semi natural thanks to brown outer circle. They also cover my natural , greenish- blue eye color quite nicely!

To get your own, go to! Most lenses are available with prescription  and they offer a free international shipping.

Okie, that's all for tonight! Maybe I should go catch some ZZZ soon!