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Summer saviors by Dior

Hello again!

I do make up and cosmetics reviews quite rarely since I tend to stick with the same products for really long time. Why fix something that's not broken, right? Lately I've been quite unhappy with my powder,  my new summer job involves lots and lots of heat and steam and after hard day at work, my face was so shiny you'd mistake it for sun. Applying more powder made my make up look like a mask of crap on my face. Same problem appears on hot summer days etc. etc.

While I was strolling around the aisles at Stockmann, wondering what to buy just so I could flash my new personnel discount card, I found the solution to my problem.

Diorskin Forever invisible retouch powder!

''The 1st invisible pressed powder by Dior. Light and non-cakey, Diorskin Forever Invisible Retouch Powder instantly refreshes and extends the wear of makeup for a fresh, matte complexion all day long.
This powder contains ingredients that help the skin to protect itself against external stressors such as pollution and free radicals, for comfortable and flawless stay-true beauty throughout the day.''

It's super light weight, almost sheer powder that controls shine perfectly! It doesn't build up and leave your face looking all cakey so you can apply it through out the day. Perfect summer product,  when your face starts to melt off you can just pat this on to your face and ta-dah, looking fresh again! On a downside, the SPF is only 8 and if you're looking for coverage, this might not be your product.

I've been super happy with the product, even though it's bit on pricy ( something like 50 e)  it's worth every penny. All my Dior products have lasted over a year even when I've been using them on a daily basis so in a long run it's not that expensive (trying to justify careless spending to myself here, lol)

Awesome sales woman gave a sample bottle of Dior Hydra life pro-youth sorbet creme also, I've been using it as a night and day cream for a week and still there's a lot left! Mad in love with this also, within a week I've noticed that my skin feels softer, smoother and somehow firmer. Light weight cream absorbs almost immediately and leaves face looking matte. Suits best for mixed skin! Gonna get more of this when I run out of my sample *---*  Photo from google, sample bottle is very plain looking and therefore not very photogenic.

Just wanted to share these since I couldn't be happier with these. See you again!


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