maanantai 28. toukokuuta 2012

Plastic parts

Ok, trying to blog with my phone since I don't have a laptop atm, let's see how this turns out....

Just quickly stopped by to share a photo of my new hairy friend aka curly poodle wig!

What do you guys think? Haven't done much styling yet, just cut and teased it a bit, but I think it's pretty cute anyway~

The fiber is heat resistant which makes all the styling quite simple! I was afraid of getting a hideous and shiny piece of plastic since I only paid about 40$ for this but I didn't even have to powder it. The wig is from Cosplaywigs on ebay, I was really pleased with their service too :--3

That's all for today, hopefully after my graduation party I'll have a chance to make a proper post. :<

maanantai 14. toukokuuta 2012

''They tried stoning me, my dear. It did not work. ''

 Hello there!

I've been super lazy with camera lately, so this post will be filled with instagram crap. I haven't felt like taking much proper outfit photos because all my outfits have looked the very boring and same old same old. That will changethough, I have ordered fuckloads of new stuffbecause I need a serious  style update! Can't wait to show all the stuff to you guys *excited*

Anyways, I went to see Dark shadows on it's opening night on Friday!! I've waited for it since forever and was super excited to finally see it~

Before the movie we went to get some Ben&Jerry's! I got Rasberry brownie & New York super fudge chunk, Santra got Oh my apple pie &  Chocolate fudge brownie. Ohhh, heaven.

 Outfit feat. weather abused hair, ughh.
Pullover- Ebay 
Shorts- cut from old jeans
Socks- H&M
 Posing with Barnabas-Johnny.

 I can recommend the movie to everyone who likes Burton's films! Don't expect it to be the greatest of his work, it's entertaining but not like ''OMG WOW GREATEST EVER MADE''.
 On Saturday I wore quite similar outfit, I like this one better though.
Pullover- ebay
Socks- H&M 
 Riinu came over for a sleepover and we baked some yummy Tosca cake!

...and we gave our cat some ice cream, just had to share this photo because it's mad cute! 
We didn't really do anything special that day, just watched movies and ate lol. But it was fun~ 

And last but not least, TODAY I (FINALLY) PASSED MY DRIVERS LICENSE TEST AND GOT MY CAR KEYS ;_; Life just got *this* much easier, no need to rely on buses and trains to get to places!

 ♥ Rady

maanantai 7. toukokuuta 2012


Fed up with my ever-so-slow way of updating? Wondering how I waste all my free time ?

Wanna see wnb-artistic close-ups of totally random objects?

Wanna see every single piece thing that I get to satify my materialistic needs?

Wanna see useless and crappy shots of my outfits I'm too lazy to post here?

Then you must be delighted to hear that I finally started following my time and did Instagram accout!

Type Choosesugar on to the ''search'' box and follow me!


tiistai 1. toukokuuta 2012

May day, May day!

Yeasterday we celebrated May day! We were lucky enough to get awesome weather for the day, sun was shining for most of the time and it was really springful!
 Only photo of my outfit, you can't really see anything...Note the springful colors like black, black and black!
Shorts- Ebay
Lace cardigan- From Thailand
Lacetop- DIY
Hat- From Thailand

Quite regular May day stuff, barbequeing... 

 ....quite suicidal electric shock game, bubbles and all obligatory May day decorations...

...and drinking outside in the park!

We continued the electric shock game in the park, it's the most hilarious game ever when you're a bit drunk.

Obligatory group (with half of the group missing) photo, last not-so-drunk- looking  photo of the evening lol. Anyways,  I had great time once again even though I was bit too drunk for my own good

......yeah. Twitter works as a great indicator of my drunkness level.