tiistai 3. huhtikuuta 2012

Photos from last week!

Last week I got fed up with my own town and decided it's time to change my current location for a while.  After few hours i was already on train heading to Vantaa! It was really refreshing to get out for while and hang out with Santra and her friends :3 I should do these extempore trips more often!

I forgot to take my camera with me but here's some photographic evidence I managed to snap with my iPhone!


When everyone else had to be at work or at school, I had lots of time to experiment with make up! I'm starting to like red lipstick, yet I still feel bit akward when i go out wearing it.
 On Wednesday we met up with Janina. I wore all-black outfit (spring seems to have a weird effect on me) and took some wnb-artistic photos in the deep forests of Päiväkumpu.

 On Friday we had a anti-health day with Santra. After filling our bellies with carbs&fat  we headed to Tikkurila to do some window shopping.

  Casual look for casual day
  Blouse- Seppälä
Jeggings- micmac
During that day we noticed that this spring some clothing companies seem to have put their designers eat colourful paint and then vomit it on to the fabric. We ended up buying only Easter eggs (Marabou easter eggs with that super sweet creme filling are the best thing about Easter, I kid you not!), candies and soda, to keep up with anti-health day's theme.

There was a ''No bananas''- strawberry stand in Tikkuri! Felt really summery, even though the strawberries were spanish and it was still quite freezing outside.

On Saturday I went to my bf's and decided to test my new blouse mail man brought me just before I left to Vantaa. I'm madly in love with it!
Blouse- Puffy
Jeggings- micmac

 Close-up just because it's so awesome.  When I was killing time at Monki before my bus left I found awesome baby pink blazer. Paired with this blouse I looked like I was going to a gay wedding. I really need to have that blazer in my life. Too bad I didn't take a picture .

 Anyways, now I'm back in my ever-so-boring town. I've heard that sleeping in your own bed feels awesome after being away. It doesn't. It just feels lonely and dull. 

♥ Rady

ps. I had my driver's license theory exam today. I passed, aww yeah!

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  1. you have such a cute face! love your big eyes ;_;

  2. You look great as always *3* Love the blouse!

    It is so crazy that you still have snow. Here, it is already summer weather with 32 degrees outside!

  4. I love your blouse *-* I love when you have a long hair, it's very beautiful!


  6. I love that blouse!!! You look so cute !

  7. nice outfit ^-^ though it´s more rock style it looks cute on you ;)

  8. Soooooo Cute!!!!


  9. Ihana farkkupaita! <33