keskiviikko 11. huhtikuuta 2012

Party continues..!

On Sunday I was planning to have a laggy day and do all the stuff I haven't had time to do. That plan sort of failed when around midday I got message from Mart on facebook. The message went little like this : '' Party at my place today. Bring booze and food''. So party time it was!

Quicly assembled outfit of the day!
Denim shorts-Only
Lace shorts- catworld

Some detail shots!

It's handy when everyone owns a smartphone, you don't even have to think truths or dares lol


Camwhorage is also very good enterntainment. Teemu decided to photobomb us when we were trying to look cute 
Managed to get shots without being a photobomb victim! With lovely Karo !

Somehow the party turned out into a early or late pre-Christmas party. I do not know how that happened.

Had great fun again, now that there's no more school we see each other very rarely, such a pity :<


7 kommenttia:

  1. I've been looking for little lace shorts to go under my denim shorts for ages. But have had NO luck. Very cute!!

  2. ah those lace-shorts from catwork are so cute! thank you! will check it out!

  3. cute look :) I wish I have time to meet my friends so often too ;)

  4. Your hair always looks so lovely!

  5. Omg...Just found your blog today from GV. Gorgeous Look <3
    -Following :D