tiistai 24. huhtikuuta 2012

Welcome to outer space, baby!

Hi guys, long time no see!
Lately work has kept me busy, tired and unattractive due to early shifts and the fact that I'm not allowed to wear  much make up. I started getting too used to au naturel face and when on Sunday I had a chance to do full war paintings on my face again I felt like a drag queen each time I looked in the mirror lol.

My look on Sunday!  Pretty casual and comfy because.....

....we started our summer 2012 Lintsi- season!! They opened last weekend and one of my good friends works there so we just had to go~

We only went to one ride though.
But that was ok with me.

MILKY WAY ;;___;; <3

 I have a sort of an fixation to spaceships...Each time I play games or watch movies with gigantic spaceships in them, I decide that I'm going to ride a spaceship someday. Then I remember that you have to be no more than a genious to become an astronaut. No can do.

We spent couple of hours in Lintsi,just enjoying the weather! Most definately the last visit of the year :3

Ps. I got a sudden inspiration to try new hairdo yesterday, you like?

torstai 12. huhtikuuta 2012

Black and white, yellow and pink.

On Monday, the last day of easter holidays (and after a night of partying....) I went to my cousins new baby girl's christening ceremony so I had to dress up bit more formal.


Skirt- Rosebullet
Blouse- Seppälä
Over-knee socks- H&M
Shoes- Nelly.com

I have a feeling that someone is going to mention how inappropriate for church the lenght of my skirt is.... Well, the ceremony wasn't held in church and I'm not even part of the church anymore :--3 End of story! 

After the ceremony my cousin gave me some of the tulips that were used as a decoration. The pink ones died pretty quickly but those yellow ones are still in vase next to my computer table! I'd like to have fresh flowers more often but it'd get bit bit pricey since they don't last very long. :<


keskiviikko 11. huhtikuuta 2012

Party continues..!

On Sunday I was planning to have a laggy day and do all the stuff I haven't had time to do. That plan sort of failed when around midday I got message from Mart on facebook. The message went little like this : '' Party at my place today. Bring booze and food''. So party time it was!

Quicly assembled outfit of the day!
Denim shorts-Only
Lace shorts- catworld

Some detail shots!

It's handy when everyone owns a smartphone, you don't even have to think truths or dares lol


Camwhorage is also very good enterntainment. Teemu decided to photobomb us when we were trying to look cute 
Managed to get shots without being a photobomb victim! With lovely Karo !

Somehow the party turned out into a early or late pre-Christmas party. I do not know how that happened.

Had great fun again, now that there's no more school we see each other very rarely, such a pity :<


maanantai 9. huhtikuuta 2012

Family meet!

 Hallo folks!
Last friday we had a little house party at Nemo's   ( called family meet, that explains the title a bit! ). It's sort of a tradition and it's always something I really look forward to :3

 I put a lot of effort into doing my hair that day and because of that I didn't have much time to choose my outfit so I just picked an outfit I showed on my last post. Kinda boring to wear same outfit often but I liked my hairdo so much that I could cope with it.

To make everyone hungry ; awesome and super delicious rasberry cheesecake Juho had baked for us. He also brought chocolate easter eggs so we could have an easter egg hunt! :3

 Finally some photos with girlies! Usually all the photos from family meets are too random to be posted... Anyways, me with mah girls Nemo , Inka and Puni !

 Every party post's obligatory drink photo. Blueberry shots were yummy!

Next morning's activities ; kebab box art and making the ultimate easter egg suprise from all the fugly toys we got from the easter eggs! 

Anyways, I had a great start for the weekend and the rest of the weekend was quite awesome as well ! more about that later on ~ 


tiistai 3. huhtikuuta 2012

Photos from last week!

Last week I got fed up with my own town and decided it's time to change my current location for a while.  After few hours i was already on train heading to Vantaa! It was really refreshing to get out for while and hang out with Santra and her friends :3 I should do these extempore trips more often!

I forgot to take my camera with me but here's some photographic evidence I managed to snap with my iPhone!


When everyone else had to be at work or at school, I had lots of time to experiment with make up! I'm starting to like red lipstick, yet I still feel bit akward when i go out wearing it.
 On Wednesday we met up with Janina. I wore all-black outfit (spring seems to have a weird effect on me) and took some wnb-artistic photos in the deep forests of Päiväkumpu.

 On Friday we had a anti-health day with Santra. After filling our bellies with carbs&fat  we headed to Tikkurila to do some window shopping.

  Casual look for casual day
  Blouse- Seppälä
Jeggings- micmac
During that day we noticed that this spring some clothing companies seem to have put their designers eat colourful paint and then vomit it on to the fabric. We ended up buying only Easter eggs (Marabou easter eggs with that super sweet creme filling are the best thing about Easter, I kid you not!), candies and soda, to keep up with anti-health day's theme.

There was a ''No bananas''- strawberry stand in Tikkuri! Felt really summery, even though the strawberries were spanish and it was still quite freezing outside.

On Saturday I went to my bf's and decided to test my new blouse mail man brought me just before I left to Vantaa. I'm madly in love with it!
Blouse- Puffy
Jeggings- micmac

 Close-up just because it's so awesome.  When I was killing time at Monki before my bus left I found awesome baby pink blazer. Paired with this blouse I looked like I was going to a gay wedding. I really need to have that blazer in my life. Too bad I didn't take a picture .

 Anyways, now I'm back in my ever-so-boring town. I've heard that sleeping in your own bed feels awesome after being away. It doesn't. It just feels lonely and dull. 

♥ Rady

ps. I had my driver's license theory exam today. I passed, aww yeah!