maanantai 12. maaliskuuta 2012

Weekend of awesomeness!


Lately I've been quite busy with school work ( or more like I should be, mostly it's just 9gag all day) , I have three of my four final exams this week.... Today I had Finnish finals a.k.a 5 hours of butt-numbing essay writing, oh joy!

But on to the nicer subjects! The pictures above were taken on Friday, after few misfortunes me and bunch of my school friends decided to spend the evening with board games and drinks! I had completely forgotten how much fun board games are when you have good company. I had also missed doing my make up properly, when I just study at home I don't even feel like making myself look like a human being. The red lipstick and the hairpiece was more like a test, ditched it quite fast after photos.

 Chose super casual outfit for the evening!
Denim shirt-Seppälä
Top- Modström
Skirt- Rosebullet

Not much photos of the evening. It was quite funny that people came to my place for the evening, we never really have parties at my place. Maybe I should start inviting people more often, it's super when you can wake up from your own bed after sort-of party.

On Saturday, I continued my weekend of corruption by going to a party at Nemo's place in Korso

 This time the hairornament got into use and I perfected the make up I tried on Friday!

 When my make-up gets more colorful, my outfits get more dark-toned lol
Knit- Hollister
Lace top- Selfmade
Skirt- Rosebullet

Not much pictures from that evening either, I tend to forget taking photos at parties bohoo. But enjoy this awesome ninja-ish photo of Ida and Mutsu !

Overall I had the nicest weekend in a looooong time! I've been staying home so much lately that my head was screaming for some social activities~ 

♥ Rady

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  1. awww <3
    the pictures!!! <33
    love it.. and you´re haor is amazing!!

  2. Wow! Your hair is so adorable! : D : D I love all the niceness of your outfit!

  3. You're so cute.
    I love when you curled your hair,it's pretty like a wig!!

  4. oikeesti _miten pysyt noin hoikkana ? oon ihan älyttömän kateellinen, oot niin sievä päästä varpaisiin.

    1. Ei kannata olla kateellinen, elämäntapani on aika epäterveelliset XD mutta kiitos!

  5. awwww you are sooo cute !!! *O*
    I love your red lips ^.....^v

  6. I love your make and what you did with your hair! ^^

  7. love your hair.. do you use any extensions or wigs? :)

  8. You look cute :)