tiistai 20. maaliskuuta 2012

Hairytale come true

Long time no see folks!
Just a quick post before I continue studying for biology finals.

I got fed up with my hair so I threw in some chemicals and here's the result!

11 points for the one who guesses which well-know Gyaru model inspired my hair lol.

Roots bleached with Schwarzkopf Blonde L1++, base color is Four reasons Honey bunny, baby pink highlights are Crestol color gloss' champagne pink & blonde highlights are the natural colour of my extensions. Nothing bad to say about any of the products used! 

I'm quite pleased with the result, what do you guys think?


21 kommenttia:

  1. You look so amazing! : D Your hair is always the best! : D

  2. Vastaukset
    1. 11 pistettä siihen suuntaan!

    2. Jeee!! ::D On kyllä tosi kivat nuo sun hiukset. 'u'

  3. How do you curl your hair like that? Mine is crazy straight and it can't keep a curl.

    1. Before curling I use leave-in conditioner, styling mousse and heat protector/curling spray thingy, then I curl with really hot iron and use fuckloads of hairspray! I recommend Paul Mitchell hold me tight~

  4. haha no sinne meniki jo yumachi joltakulta ;-D mut tosiaaa ihan sairaan hienot hiukset!! :-)

  5. i would have said yumachi too :) you're very pretty !

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