sunnuntai 25. maaliskuuta 2012

Accidents happen

Say hello to my laptop!

Today I managed to break my laptops screen. At the moment I have nothing to use as replacement. I borrowed a mini laptop from my dad's working place for this night but not I have to return this tomorrow morning. Not sure when I'm getting something to use as screen/ new laptop, right now I'm way too broke to buy one, so I might be really slow blogger for a while.  :<

Because most of my photos are in my broken laptop, I'll spam few pictures I've been tweeting so this wouldn't be such a boring post!

On Friday we celebrated the end of finals and start of ''summer'' vacation at one of my school mate's little kind-of-cabin-thing.  Saying ''summer vacation'' feels funny when there's still 874 cm of snow everywhere...

I had nice tropical coctail make up but of course I had to pixlromatic-edit the fuck out the picture so you can't see it. Every year when spring comes I get excited about colourful eyeshadows for a while until around midsummer I get back to brown and all kinds of boring colours. EVERY YEAR.

I felt springful so jumpsuit time it was!
Jumpsuit- Rosebullet
Lace-front knit- Hollister
Shoes- Spiritstore

Me, 161 cm, and Mart, 205cm. I look like a midget.

Nothing special to say about the night, just drinking games and babbling for most of the time! By the end of the night I was really pissed due to many things but well, shit happens and otherwise it was fun night. It was nice to relax after all the stressing about finals~

Anyways, let's hope that I'm able to blog again soon~


8 kommenttia:

  1. aww haha the last pic is so cute!

  2. oh god the last pic is too cute!!! <3
    I hope you can blog soon again T_T

  3. Already got a new screen so blogging won't be a problem!

  4. Opps! poor screen.
    Loving your hair! <3