sunnuntai 25. maaliskuuta 2012

Accidents happen

Say hello to my laptop!

Today I managed to break my laptops screen. At the moment I have nothing to use as replacement. I borrowed a mini laptop from my dad's working place for this night but not I have to return this tomorrow morning. Not sure when I'm getting something to use as screen/ new laptop, right now I'm way too broke to buy one, so I might be really slow blogger for a while.  :<

Because most of my photos are in my broken laptop, I'll spam few pictures I've been tweeting so this wouldn't be such a boring post!

On Friday we celebrated the end of finals and start of ''summer'' vacation at one of my school mate's little kind-of-cabin-thing.  Saying ''summer vacation'' feels funny when there's still 874 cm of snow everywhere...

I had nice tropical coctail make up but of course I had to pixlromatic-edit the fuck out the picture so you can't see it. Every year when spring comes I get excited about colourful eyeshadows for a while until around midsummer I get back to brown and all kinds of boring colours. EVERY YEAR.

I felt springful so jumpsuit time it was!
Jumpsuit- Rosebullet
Lace-front knit- Hollister
Shoes- Spiritstore

Me, 161 cm, and Mart, 205cm. I look like a midget.

Nothing special to say about the night, just drinking games and babbling for most of the time! By the end of the night I was really pissed due to many things but well, shit happens and otherwise it was fun night. It was nice to relax after all the stressing about finals~

Anyways, let's hope that I'm able to blog again soon~


tiistai 20. maaliskuuta 2012

Hairytale come true

Long time no see folks!
Just a quick post before I continue studying for biology finals.

I got fed up with my hair so I threw in some chemicals and here's the result!

11 points for the one who guesses which well-know Gyaru model inspired my hair lol.

Roots bleached with Schwarzkopf Blonde L1++, base color is Four reasons Honey bunny, baby pink highlights are Crestol color gloss' champagne pink & blonde highlights are the natural colour of my extensions. Nothing bad to say about any of the products used! 

I'm quite pleased with the result, what do you guys think?


maanantai 12. maaliskuuta 2012

Weekend of awesomeness!


Lately I've been quite busy with school work ( or more like I should be, mostly it's just 9gag all day) , I have three of my four final exams this week.... Today I had Finnish finals a.k.a 5 hours of butt-numbing essay writing, oh joy!

But on to the nicer subjects! The pictures above were taken on Friday, after few misfortunes me and bunch of my school friends decided to spend the evening with board games and drinks! I had completely forgotten how much fun board games are when you have good company. I had also missed doing my make up properly, when I just study at home I don't even feel like making myself look like a human being. The red lipstick and the hairpiece was more like a test, ditched it quite fast after photos.

 Chose super casual outfit for the evening!
Denim shirt-Seppälä
Top- Modström
Skirt- Rosebullet

Not much photos of the evening. It was quite funny that people came to my place for the evening, we never really have parties at my place. Maybe I should start inviting people more often, it's super when you can wake up from your own bed after sort-of party.

On Saturday, I continued my weekend of corruption by going to a party at Nemo's place in Korso

 This time the hairornament got into use and I perfected the make up I tried on Friday!

 When my make-up gets more colorful, my outfits get more dark-toned lol
Knit- Hollister
Lace top- Selfmade
Skirt- Rosebullet

Not much pictures from that evening either, I tend to forget taking photos at parties bohoo. But enjoy this awesome ninja-ish photo of Ida and Mutsu !

Overall I had the nicest weekend in a looooong time! I've been staying home so much lately that my head was screaming for some social activities~ 

♥ Rady

sunnuntai 4. maaliskuuta 2012

Some recent looks!

Hi people!

Lately I've been spending a lot of time at home doing nothing studying, which doesn't offer much blogging material. I also lost all my falsies at the cruise (...) so I've felt too butt-ugly to take pictures lol. Thank god I get new ones tomorrow, yay!

Anyways, I've managed to snap photos of couple of looks during this boring period of time! Posted these on twitter already but oh well, here we go.

First one's over a week old , went to see my cousin to Porvoo and I felt like dolling up bit more.

 I quite liked my hair that day, apart from the fugly roots. Need to do something about that asap.

Knit- Hollister
Skirt- Rosebullet

Next one's from last Friday,went to do poor man's shopping in Helsinki with Santra aka watch and touch and cry over all the thing I can't afford to buy.  It was very spring-like day so I felt like wearing something cute and colourful (and show some leg lol)

 Glasses to hide the fact that I didn't have falsies.

 Same knit than in the last outfit... now everyone think I never wear anything else.
Knit- Hollister
Dress- Rosebullet
Overknee socks- Seppälä
 Close-up of the awesome knit, it's probably one of my favourite clothes atm

 I rarely post photos of my nails so I shall do it now since I really don't have anything else to post.

Ok that was all folks, have a nice upcoming week! Hopefully this won't be so boring to me than the last one..