perjantai 24. helmikuuta 2012

Senior cruise!

Hello peeps!

Yesterday I got back from my senior cruise to Stockholm. I had lots of fun but I got to say that it's good thing senior cruise is a once in a lifetime experience... on those two nights my total amount of sleep was 5 hours and total amount hangover was enormous lol.

Outfit no. 1
Knit- Gina tricot
Jeans- Mic Mac
Blouse- Seppälä

I left for Helsinki bit early so I met up with Camilla and her godmother and we went to Casa Largo to kill some time before heading to port. Got to go there more often, it's so cozy and pretty!

We got into ship around 5 pm and headed straight for dinner. I don't usually order dessert, but now it was celebration time so I left some room for fancy dessert. B) Apple muffin, applebavaroise and some cinnamoncaramel nomnom. I only take photos of dessert because they are much more photogenic, actual food usually looks quite disgusting in photos lol.

After fixing ourselves a bit it was clubbing time!
Shoes-Bianco footwear

I fell in love with blueberry shots. Like liquid candy.

Maybe it was all those blueberry shots I had, but this night was one of the funniest yet most bizarre night in my life.

After 2,5 hours of sleep we decided to head to Stockholm center to get some hangover brunch from Burger King. Greasy chicken burger with even greasier fries has never tasted so yummy, I swear.

My whole appearance screamed ''2,5 hours of sleep''. But so did everyone elses so it was ok. 
After consuming as much saturated fat as we could, we went to shop at Galleri. I was way too tired to take photos so I didn't take much photos there. After getting enough of the shops we went back to ship to get ready for the night!

Awesome idea I got while tax free shopping, liquor gummy bears! All you need is any alcoholic beverage of your choice (I used melon liquor) and gummy bears, then sunk the gummy bears into the drink and wait for few hours. Voila, you got alcoholic candy! I admit I saw this on 9gag lol so not my idea completely.

Second night's clubbing look
Lace-front knit- Hollister
Skirt- CPS
Socks- H&M

Not much photos from this night, we went to see the midnight show but it was quite boring so we found ourselves from the upstairs night club again. I went to sleep at 6 am and woke up at 8.30 am, so you can just imagine how tired I was when I finally got home yesterday.....Well anyways, I'm never forgetting this trip!


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  1. äääää ihana blogi ja oot tosi kaunis! :'D

  2. Aww I love your hair and outfits! Glad you had a nice time :3

  3. Looks like a great time! :D

  4. I love your hair and outfits!!
    Seems like you had fun on your trip ^ ^

  5. höhö sussahan on enemmän tukkaa ku naista :----D ! hölmöö ku ette oo enää lukios :< tuntuu et ihmiset erkanee toisistaa ku ei nää enää sillee samallai niinku enne päivittäi B< mutnii kommentin pointti oli että oot söpsö ;u;

    1. Pitää kahvitella tms. joku päivä, tuntuu hirmu erakolta kun näkee ihmisiä paljon vähemmän kuin ennen ;_;

  6. it's pretty random but... could you make a hair-do tutorial? (^^);

    1. I've been asked to do a tutorial quite a lot so when I find some time I will!

  7. cześć jestem klaudia i byłabym zadowolona gdybys napisała cos na moim blogu;D

  8. Awww looks like you had so much fun! xx