maanantai 6. helmikuuta 2012

Frostbites and crashing cars!

Hello again!

Last weekend was insane, at least if you think about the weather. It was freezing, it snowed like crazy and all public transportation was jammed. After almost freezing to death on Friday, I decided it was time to barricade myself indoors for the whole weekend with bunch of movies.

On Friday, probably the worst day of the weekend, I had nothing special to do so we planned to higher our changes of getting skin cancer and go to solarium with Santra(..again). Somehow we never got there, we just bought some fatty lunch and babbled.

High in fat, sugar and yumminess. Even looking at this monster-sized muffin makes you gain 5 kilos BUT I REGRET NOTHING.

Tried to take a proper outfit photo for change....

...but in the end, the classic mirror photo gives you better overall- image lol. I wanted to wear a dress but it was wayyyy too cold for that, hrrr B<

Knit- Monki
Jeans- Seppälä (Got them from Santra, she bought them like...5 years ago?lol)

I'm really glad I didn't decide to wear a dress. It would have been a suicide. For real. At first, my buss was 20 minutes late. Standing in the cold made it feel like forever. When I finally got in, the buss had to drive really slowly due to bad weather condition. Understandable. The highway was full of crashed cars.

The video gives you a little idea of the mad situation! Anyways, suddenly after leaving the highway, the buss stopped and the driver just took off, leaving the buss doors open. I guess his shift ended and the other driver didn't make it in time. We waited 20 minutes to get a new driver lol. If I had wore a dress I probably would have gotten a hypotermia or something. After finally getting home, I decided to not leave the house for the whole weekend.

Good thing there's plenty of nice stuff you can do without leaving the house. Like baking a delicious apple pie. And even nicer, eating that warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream and wondering how cold it's outside. Good life!

 ♥ Rady

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  1. You are so cute :) the muffin looks yummy. Hope it warms up there soon.

  2. I love your outfit! Especially the fur scarf thing. I always wanted one but I could never find the perfect one ):

  3. Oooooh! You look so adorable! I love your make-up and hair <3

  4. Hope you are staying warm! Cold every where at the moment and Japan has had a lot of snow and below zero temperatures!!

    Japan Australia

  5. You look so cute! : D : D I hope it warms up soon!

  6. You're so petite and cute *__* Sometimes I can't stand winter but I guess it's better than summer and sweating everywhere !