perjantai 24. helmikuuta 2012

Senior cruise!

Hello peeps!

Yesterday I got back from my senior cruise to Stockholm. I had lots of fun but I got to say that it's good thing senior cruise is a once in a lifetime experience... on those two nights my total amount of sleep was 5 hours and total amount hangover was enormous lol.

Outfit no. 1
Knit- Gina tricot
Jeans- Mic Mac
Blouse- Seppälä

I left for Helsinki bit early so I met up with Camilla and her godmother and we went to Casa Largo to kill some time before heading to port. Got to go there more often, it's so cozy and pretty!

We got into ship around 5 pm and headed straight for dinner. I don't usually order dessert, but now it was celebration time so I left some room for fancy dessert. B) Apple muffin, applebavaroise and some cinnamoncaramel nomnom. I only take photos of dessert because they are much more photogenic, actual food usually looks quite disgusting in photos lol.

After fixing ourselves a bit it was clubbing time!
Shoes-Bianco footwear

I fell in love with blueberry shots. Like liquid candy.

Maybe it was all those blueberry shots I had, but this night was one of the funniest yet most bizarre night in my life.

After 2,5 hours of sleep we decided to head to Stockholm center to get some hangover brunch from Burger King. Greasy chicken burger with even greasier fries has never tasted so yummy, I swear.

My whole appearance screamed ''2,5 hours of sleep''. But so did everyone elses so it was ok. 
After consuming as much saturated fat as we could, we went to shop at Galleri. I was way too tired to take photos so I didn't take much photos there. After getting enough of the shops we went back to ship to get ready for the night!

Awesome idea I got while tax free shopping, liquor gummy bears! All you need is any alcoholic beverage of your choice (I used melon liquor) and gummy bears, then sunk the gummy bears into the drink and wait for few hours. Voila, you got alcoholic candy! I admit I saw this on 9gag lol so not my idea completely.

Second night's clubbing look
Lace-front knit- Hollister
Skirt- CPS
Socks- H&M

Not much photos from this night, we went to see the midnight show but it was quite boring so we found ourselves from the upstairs night club again. I went to sleep at 6 am and woke up at 8.30 am, so you can just imagine how tired I was when I finally got home yesterday.....Well anyways, I'm never forgetting this trip!


torstai 16. helmikuuta 2012

Getting kicked out of school is fun!

Hi guys, sorry for staying queit for quite long!

Anyways, today I got kicked out of school. It was hilarious.

... ok ok, it's not quite what it sounds like. Those of you who don't live in Finland might be unfamiliar with the term ''Penkkarit''. It's an event for seniors which celebrates the end of highschool and at the end, seniors are ''kicked out'' of the school.  We get dress up in costumes and drive around on truck throwing candies to the kids!

I dressed up as a flight attendant! I liked my costume sooo much, in need of excuses to wear it again! Costume parties, where u at?

Costumes were nice change for ever so dull school scene!

This is one of my favourite photos of the day. I had no idea what was happening behind me, only realized when I went through my photos.

After some plays, coffee and getting our last report cards, it was time for truck ride!

The truck ride was lots of fun until the point it got so cold that you couldn't even move your face. I swear it took me 45 minute-long hot shower before I stopped shivering. And I also noted that kids are the greediest creatures on planet. They might have collected a huuge sack of candies already yet they still ran after the trucks for more lol. I wish the best luck for the dentists.

Overall it was a memorable day! Next Tuesday we'll go to Stockholm for senior cruise, hope it's even more fun~


maanantai 6. helmikuuta 2012

Frostbites and crashing cars!

Hello again!

Last weekend was insane, at least if you think about the weather. It was freezing, it snowed like crazy and all public transportation was jammed. After almost freezing to death on Friday, I decided it was time to barricade myself indoors for the whole weekend with bunch of movies.

On Friday, probably the worst day of the weekend, I had nothing special to do so we planned to higher our changes of getting skin cancer and go to solarium with Santra(..again). Somehow we never got there, we just bought some fatty lunch and babbled.

High in fat, sugar and yumminess. Even looking at this monster-sized muffin makes you gain 5 kilos BUT I REGRET NOTHING.

Tried to take a proper outfit photo for change....

...but in the end, the classic mirror photo gives you better overall- image lol. I wanted to wear a dress but it was wayyyy too cold for that, hrrr B<

Knit- Monki
Jeans- Seppälä (Got them from Santra, she bought them like...5 years ago?lol)

I'm really glad I didn't decide to wear a dress. It would have been a suicide. For real. At first, my buss was 20 minutes late. Standing in the cold made it feel like forever. When I finally got in, the buss had to drive really slowly due to bad weather condition. Understandable. The highway was full of crashed cars.

The video gives you a little idea of the mad situation! Anyways, suddenly after leaving the highway, the buss stopped and the driver just took off, leaving the buss doors open. I guess his shift ended and the other driver didn't make it in time. We waited 20 minutes to get a new driver lol. If I had wore a dress I probably would have gotten a hypotermia or something. After finally getting home, I decided to not leave the house for the whole weekend.

Good thing there's plenty of nice stuff you can do without leaving the house. Like baking a delicious apple pie. And even nicer, eating that warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream and wondering how cold it's outside. Good life!

 ♥ Rady

torstai 2. helmikuuta 2012

Feels like Siberia!

Hello again! This week has been my last test week in high school, yay! My studying vacation started today, though I still have  to attend senior student's future day on monday. Anyways, my timetables have been really loose this week so I've had time to take some photos of my outfits!

 This one is from Monday, I also had my first driving school's theory lesson that day! I'm nervously waiting for my first actual driving lesson...

Camwhoring because iPhone's camera in front makes camwhoring so easy lol

This outfit actually has a small story behind it. When Santra was at my place last weekend, she took this knit from my open wardrobe and said '' Wear this some day. I like it'' and threw it on my chair. So next morning I felt like I had to. Lol very interesting story, wasn't it?

Knit- Spirit store
Skirt- Seppälä
Fur collar- Bianco
Shoes- Seppälä

I didn't actually end up wearing this for very long, before leaving to driving school I had to change to warmer clothes because it's like Siberia here in Finland atm. This morning it was - 23 C! My face almost almost froze when I walked to school....

Knit- Kappahl
Dress- Guess
Boots- Not rated (from Thailand)

Nothing much to say anymore so I'll just leave it here. See you!