tiistai 31. tammikuuta 2012

Weekend activities!

Hi guys, now I can finally get back to normal blogging !

I thought I'd start off my regular updates with posting pics from last weekend, it would feel weird to post weeks old stuff and I'd probably never catch up...

Starting from last Thursday, not exactly weekend but close enough! I had a small photoshoot for local newspaper since I wrote a column they're going to publish next monday and they wanted to publish a photo next to it. Here's the outfit I wore that day:

I wanted to look bit more mature than usually lol. I actually liked the look quite a lot! Oh and sorry about the weird editing, I posted this on twitter already and copied it straight from there.

Skirt-CPS (from Thailand)
Shirt- Vintage style by Indy (from Thailand)
Knit- Gina tricot 

On Friday, Santra wanted company for solarium and shopping so I went to Helsinki with her.

Dress- Liz Lisa
Knit- Gina tricot
Shoes- Not rated (from Thailand)

Because it was cold like in Siberia, we decided that it was time for some Roberts coffee's hot chocolate! Santra took regular with whipped cream and I took the white chocolate one. I swear I'm never ordering it again, it was so sweet that it feels like your teeth will melt off due to sugar overdose. I felt sick after just drinking half of it : <

Solarium we went to was Golden Sun in Kaisaniemi metro station. I recommend it, it's on the great spot, it's cheap (only 3 euros for 12 minutes!) and  the machines are really easy to use :3 I've been quite scared of going to solarium because the closed ''box'' reminds me of coffin but after few try outs I've been starting to enjoy it a lot!

On Saturday, we had a movie night with some Japanese and Korean high-quality films!

Alien vs. Ninja, Vampire girl vs. Frankstein girl and The good, the bad and the weird! My favourite was the one in the middle, it was so damn weird lol.

Too bad that half of us left before we took any pictures, bohoo. Anyways, I had great time! What's better than good company, some drinks and weird movies?

Outfit was nothing special but I'll post it anyway. Don't judge me for wearing the same knit three days in a row, I'm just madly in love with it : <
Skirt- from Thailand
Knit- Gina tricot

As a last thing, I really wanted to share this picture I already posted on Twitter! We did some massive cookies on Sunday! Fat booth Dr.Phil as a size reference.

Okie, that was all peeps! Soon I'm off to driving school~

♥ Rady

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  1. you look great as always *-*
    the movies sounds good and good luck with driving school~!

  2. you're so so skinny...

  3. lol toi Dr.Phil :D:Dd
    Kaikki noi asut on ihania ;o;

  4. Adorable as always!
    That cookie is huge. xD

  5. Love the outfit for the local newspaper column :)

    Japan Australia

  6. Oon kateelline ku oon nii hoikka... :C murmur

  7. ^ ...niin siis OOT niin hoikka XDXD