sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2012

Thailand part. 8 Bangkok!

Hi guys, ready for the final part of the Thailand post serie? Here we go!

Early in ´the morning, we got on the taxi and drove two to three hours from Mae Phim to Bangkok

We kept ourselves entertained by taking stupid photos lol. These are the most internet friendly ones.

Our plans for Bangkok: shopping, shopping and more shopping! First stop was Central world shopping centre.

It was super fancy place! I should've taken a photo of the doorman, he had the most glamorous looking uniform. Felt weird that a shopping mall had a doorman, something you don't see in Finland lol.

Midget and a huuuuuge christmas tree!

After hours of shopping in Central world and accidentally in Isetan also, we to have lunch in Black canyon coffee. We went there in Pattaya also and I actually think I prefer Black canyon over Starbucks, their iced tea drinks AMAZING. This green tea frappe was a little piece of heaven really.

Every tourist's must have tourist photo with big buildings.

We continued to Siam paragon and Siam center. I would've needed like three extra days, we practically had to run through them. Didn't even have time to cry litres of bloody tears in shoe store that sold Jeffrey Campbell, bohoo. Time flied and soon it was time to head to airport.

Even the airport was filled with beautiful things. Made leaving even harder.

Ok, now I've gotten trough all of my Thailand- related stuff. Only took a month lol. I'll be back soon with some regular updates, stay tuned ppl!


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  1. Bangkok looks like a great place for a spot of shopping :)

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  2. Super lovely blog!